1,3 and 6

Those are the grades my 3 children have now started.  Here in South Africa, the school year goes from January to December with 2 long breaks and 2 short breaks in between the 4 terms.  School is very formal here….   

…  it took me awhile to get used to that, but I really like it now.  The children are taught that respecting an adult is of high importance; they are taught to greet all adults as “mam” or “sir” and never to talk back.  The school is incredibly strict on the uniform and appearance of the children.  The boys are not allowed to have long hair.  In fact, they are not even supposed to let their hair touch their ears!  If a boy is found with gel in his hair to “style” it, then he is sent home to wash his hair!  No gel!  Girls have to have their hair pulled back if it is past their shoulders.  And absolutely no dying of hair or any crazy hairstyles.  I sent Elise to school with a white headband that had a white bow on it – I thought it was kosher hair attire as the colors of the school are bright blue and white…. alas, Elise had to take it off because it had a bow on it! :-)

It might sound a bit harsh or strict, but I have gotten used to it and actually love it now.  I love it that kids are not picked on because of what they wear or whether they have “nice” clothes.  Everyone gets to start out on the same level.  Feels nice.

I have blogged before about all the great extracurricular activities that are available at their school.  We truly are blessed to have the kids attend this school.  It is a government school, but to allow for the teachers to be paid a decent salary, parents are required to pay school fees.  It is approximately $150 per child/month, so it adds up, but it is definitely worth it.

I made the kids pose for a picture in their classrooms.  Elise and Nate didn’t mind, but Marae was not too impressed with her camera happy mother! ;-)

First day of Grade 6 with her teacher in the background.

Third grade for Nate.

Very first day of “real” school! So exciting!

4 Responses to 1,3 and 6
  1. Ruth Reply

    Wow they are strict. The international school where our kids attend does not have a uniform. Kids can dye there hair and boys can wear it long. Funny the differences. However, I like you…..am so blessed by our school too. Praise the Lord for dedicated teachers!

    • Michelle Reply

      Yes, pretty strict, but we are used to it now. :-) Your kids school sounds awesome too! And their school at home is amazing! :-) with the best teacher ever!

  2. Enhle Reply

    Toti Primary! I have the most wonderful memories there and I agree that its strict, but I, as would most in our community, value discipline. There is already too little of it out there!
    Just going through those pics took me back to my full, happy, free days. Great blog, Michelle!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you! Primary school is a sweet time of life! But you usually don’t realize that until you are looking back at it. :-)

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