Monthly Archives: October 2010

My Friend Beauty

I would like to introduce you to Beauty. Her Lesotho name is Keketso (She is from a tiny little country within South Africa called Lesotho.) She just turned 30 years old in September and has 3 beautiful sons. She is vibrant, fun-loving, sarcastic, happy, passionate, bubbly, and full of life. She has been working with us at Seed of Hope for almost 2 years now. Her job is to help prepare the meal for the 100 -150 children that we feed every afternoon.

Her fiancee is a Zulu young man. In the Zulu culture, before you can get married you have to pay “lobola,” which can be up to R30,000 ($7000) as a bride price. This, unfortunately, discourages young people from getting married because they cannot come up with the bride price. They often just stay “engaged,” have kids together, etc, but never get married because they can’t afford to. This tends to lead to very disposable relationships, which often leaves young girls alone as single moms. Read More…

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