Monthly Archives: April 2011

My boet rocked up wanting to drive my bakkie.

Interpretation – My brother showed up wanting to drive my pick-up. 😀 English is widely spoken in South Africa, but they definitely have their own flavor of English. It is a lovely mix of English, Afrikaans, and a bit of Zulu thrown in.

We are coming home for 6 months this year! We are thrilled!

But also realize we need to prepare our friends and families to understand us and our children. So here is your very first lesson in South African-ese. Enjoy!

When Elise says you must go look out the window, she is not actually ordering you around. Must means should.

Nate needs his tekkies for the afternoon at the park. Help him find his running shoes please. 🙂

It is lunch time and Marae asks for a sarmie – she means a sandwich. Read More…

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