Monthly Archives: August 2011


This was the last time Nate would happily step foot anywhere near the ocean – for a LONG time. Approximately 10 days after the above picture, Nate was with some good friends of ours at a local beach. Both Carl and I were busy with getting our house set up, and some generous friends offered to babysit the kids for us.

During that time at the beach, Nate was playing in a river inlet. He happened to find a deep spot while his caretakers had their eyes on something else. He went down and did not come back up. God had his hand on Nate though, because one of the teenagers watched it happen from where he was down the beach, and sprinted back to Nate – and pulled him out of the water. Nate had not been under too long, and had not taken in a lot of water. He was terrified though and kept saying, “I’m cold, I’m cold.” But other than that, was okay. Read More…

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