Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hard Sometimes

I am blessed to be able to call Africa home. I don’t know for how long, but for the time God has me there, I count it a blessing.

It is hard to live here when my heart is somewhere else.
May our hearts beat for them. For the hurting.  For the lost.
I am not complaining. And not pointing fingers. Really trying not to judge. Life in North America makes one complacent.  We see all the catastrophes on TV. Starving children. Hurricanes. Famines. AIDS. Death. But it all seems distant. Removed.These are our neighbours. Our world. Our responsibility. Even if they live across an ocean.

Pace-ing Myself

You might find it absurd that my first post after a 5 month hiatus would be about salsa. But anyone who spends much time withe me knows my addiction to a good salsa, and how salsa-deprived I feel in South Africa. So yes, we are home in North America… have been for 4 months. We have been with my amazing family in the states, had a fantastic family reunion in the Colorado Rockies, experienced Barbados through the eyes of my children (spectacular), have had a host of fantastic suppers/breakfasts/brunches/lunches with a host of amazing friends, went to my 20th high school reunion in the states and hung out with all my “old” cronies, preaching, speaking, sharing, laughing, playing, and a whole heck of a lot of other amazing things have been going on in these last 4 months on North American soil!! Read More…

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