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It’s our first pool training day, and I’m buzzing with excitement.  Eleven teenage Bhekulwandle boys are about to swim for the first time.  Ryan, one of their mentors, and I are going to teach them!  My imagination leaps ahead a few months. In March, 2013, we’ll cross the finish line of the Mudman Triathlon together, and this undertaking will be the makings of an inspirational story – who knows, maybe even a movie? The newspaper reporter is here, and she takes our first picture beside the pool and writes a few quotes in her notebook.  A brief moment later we’re in the water – where amidst the gasping and floundering I’m just relieved we took the photo already. This is going to be way tougher than I thought.

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A face that has graced Seed of Hope’s grounds from the beginning…Mondli. He is now in high school, facing the peer pressures of drugs, sex, crime, disrespect, etc… but daily he is at SOH by 2:45pm, so that he is on time for our 3pm After School Class. He is usually the first student there. Read More…

Born into Weeds

Some days just stand out in your mind more than others.

Today was one of those days.

Most of my days I am with my children, homeschooling, guiding, scolding, loving, playing….  I love every part of raising my children and take that job very seriously, but my part-time work at Seed of Hope fuels my fire for people, for God and for making a difference.  It also enables me to be a better mom, because it gives me an outlet from being with my kids 24/7, and helps me handle the insanity of educating one’s own children. 🙂    Read More…

sad. little. girl.

Not much to smile about.

Her mom is alive, but doesn’t want her.

Her dad comes and gets her every now and then.  But it lasts about a weekend and then he drops her back to her Gogo (grandmother) because he can’t handle her. Read More…

Youth Speaker

Last weekend, Mish and I were guest speakers at our church’s youth camp. It’s been a long time since I spoke to a group of teens, but what felt even more unusual was to talk about something other than our work at Seed of Hope, which has been my most frequent speaking topic for the last few years!

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