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Recovering Homeschool Mom

I have been a homeschooling mom for the past 5 years.

And this year, it all changes!

We have decided to put all 3 of our children in local schools, for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is that after nearly six years living in South africa, I really feel drawn to spend more time at Seed of Hope.   Read More…

Enter 2013

To the surprise of few, the world continued its uninterrupted streak of existence over the holidays.  In honour of its (and our) survival, I’ve compiled a short list of events and developments I’m excited about in 2013.

  1. Mudman Triathlon Series:  The Live Out Loud boys and I have been training almost daily through the school holidays, and it’s been amazing to see the improvement in all our swimming.  We received a donation of used mountain bikes in December, so the pieces of the puzzle are coming together!  Watch for updates!
  2. Seed of Hope‘s 10th Anniversary:  In 2003, Derek and Heather Liebenberg launched their ministry in Bhekulwandle, with a few enthusiastic and hard-working friends/volunteers and faith for financial provision.  This September we’ll host a community celebration marking the incredible growth and transformation we’ve seen in the past decade.  It’s going to be a milestone to remember. Read More…

Sad little girl update

We still didn’t get much of a smile out of her, but she was discharged from the hospital just in time to come to our Seed of Hope kids Christmas party.  We made sure there was a present with her name on it.  She stood in the queues to get some love from Father Christmas and receive her gift.  She tried to join in with games as much as she could or stood to the side to watch the festivities when she didn’t feel up to playing.

Read More…

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