Monthly Archives: February 2013

“Will you be my friend?”

Elise has started school this year – kindergarten, or Grade R as they call it here in South Africa.  She is at a lovely little pre-school just up the road from our house.  Most days she comes home with fabulous stories of crocodile games, art class with paint everywhere, songs about toothless monsters, and playground tales.  Elise is 5 and a pretty easy-going child, but she has quickly learned about “girlfriends” and “bff”s and the roller coaster of friendships! Read More…


I live in a country that one must live in peaceful coexistence with the insect population or one might go mad. The tropical climate that we enjoy is also enjoyed by a multitude of flying, crawling, inching, squirming, squishing, sliming 6-8 legged creatures. Read More…

Call Me Hope

Fun little video I found while reading some of my missionary blogs I follow.  I loved it!  Especially the end….  stop the pity.  unlock the potential.  Awesome!


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