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Mom, I’m Bored – mylife#3

Does that sound familiar to you?  My mom always used to tell my brothers and I,

Only boring children can be bored.  Are you a boring child?

I have tried that one on my kids too, and it actually does work, but sometimes they need a little push to spark their creativity.   Read More…

Spare Time – mylife#2

Do any of you get much spare time?  Free time?  I know if there are other moms reading my blog, most likely, those two words are not frequently used in their vocabulary.  Unless it is in the longing for…   Most of my “spare time” is filled with activities for/with my beautiful children.   Read More…

Elise’s Photo Contest

We’re trying to win a contest for Elise at school. If she wins the most votes on Facebook, her school gets a cash prize and she wins money that we’ll put toward a keyboard for music lessons!

The photo looks like this, and you can find the link to vote HERE.

Just like the Infinity Page (top right) then look for Elise’s photo top left and click the number to add your vote!



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