Monthly Archives: August 2013

Groceries – mylife#7

Where do I buy groceries?  A few of my dear friends have asked me about my shopping experiences in South Africa.  Honestly, it probably doesn’t look much different than from where you get your groceries, but I wanted to put a few pictures up.   Read More…

FitChick – mylife#6

I have a healthy addiction to exercise!  If I go a day or two without fitting in a workout of some kind, I start to feel a bit depressed and lethargic.  My mind and body crave movement…  I love being a FitChick!  Sometimes it is a struggle to find time to exercise though.  Work, kids, school, cooking, cleaning, laundry – all you moms know exactly what I am talking about!  Let me share with you how I fit in my workouts!

Read More…

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