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Hobo Holidays (or Vacation Vagabonds)

Everyone dreams of going on vacation!  Holidays are such a fun part of life!  And we have been blessed to have gone on some pretty spectacular family holidays.  But living in South Africa on a bit of a tight budget has helped us learn to be creative with our holiday-making!  Today, I thought I would take you with me on a little tour of the last few holidays we have been on.   Read More…


We have been a part of a network of NGOs for quite a few years now called Soul Action.  It has been such a blessing in our lives both personally and professionally.  We have met some amazing people working in all different areas of community service; we have taken Soul Action courses that have challenged us, taught us, expanded our vision and opened our eyes to new ways of doing things.  Read More…

Look Again

Nate’s prayer over lunch today was something like this.

Thank you for my awesome family.

Thank you that we have enough food to eat.

Thank you that everyone in my family loves me.

Thank you that we don’t struggle to live.

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