Monthly Archives: May 2016

Did you hear me squeal?

Yes, I am a girl and I do occasionally squeal.

Not often.

There are two things that tend to make me squeal.  One has to do with cockroaches.  But that is not what this blog is about.  Thankfully.  The other is a more delightful sort of squeal – usually related to getting to spend time with family or people who seem like family.  I lovingly refer to some of those people as my…. Read More…

My brothers always said it

Laundry’s done.  Dishes are in the drying rack.  Clothes are ironed.  Supper is hot.  I am spoiled!!!!!  Just to confirm what I heard most of my childhood years from my sweet brothers.  “You are spoiled, Michelle!”  Well, I certainly have been for the past few months! Read More…

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