Counting… something we learn in our early years and use for the rest of our lives.  I have been counting things I am thankful for – was inspired by a book I read a few years ago called One Thousand Gifts.  I highly recommend it!  So a few years ago, as part of my 40 Project (40 things I wanted to do in honour of my 40th birthday), I started my own gratitude list.  I have shared a few before, but here are some more straight from my gratitude journal.

1.  Huge hunks of metal that can fly over oceans to make this world a smaller place.

20. Parents who sacrificed for me and have always support me.

25. Straight teeth.

54. PDA with my hubby…

85.  My devoted friend, Ruth Ashworth Boyd (love you Ruth!!)

109.  Thrift stores and a thrifty personality

171.  Luggage that travels with you

193.  Days with nothing to do

194.  Days with LOTS to do

242.  Guests who wash my dishes

258.  Being a Daddy’s Girl

I will forever be my daddy’s girl.  Most of you who read my blog know that I lost my dad on March 11 of this year.  I had just booked my ticket to go and be with him about 6 hours before he died.  My heart was broken.  But God mends.  And I am so grateful for that.  I had 3 beautiful weeks with my mom and my brothers (and other lovely extended family.)

I am so thankful for my daddy.  #258 in my gratitude journal does not change now that he is gone.  I will be forever his little girl.  He shaped me in ways I know he did not understand.  He gave me confidence – because I could hear his voice in my head telling me how proud he was of me.  He believed in me and supported me.  (And spoiled me, I admit it.)

I am forever grateful that I had my Dad.  The last few months of his life were very hard, yet he tried to stay positive and face each day with a grateful heart.  It wasn’t easy.

He fell on January 3, 2015 and broke one of his cervical spine and a lumbar spine.  He was in a lot of pain and was limited as to what he could do.  My mom was a true hero in caring for him and making sure he had everything he needed.  Thank you, Mom, for staying so true to your vows  –  “in sickness and in health, till death do us part.”  Tomorrow would have been their 47th wedding anniversary.

My parents inspire me.

I miss my dad every day.

I still have crying sessions.

I wish we had more time with my dad.  But I choose to be grateful.  Grateful for the 42 years I had with him.

In fact.  #365 in my gratitude journal says just that.




6 Responses to #258
  1. Joni Reply

    Lovely job continuing to honor the great Ray! Enjoy the memories and savor the tears-what you had will be always missed & never replaced, those tears are a result of a life well lived.
    You’re a beautiful person & they (parents) planned it that way!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Joni! You are so sweet.

  2. joyce Reply

    Lovely thoughts Michelle. I’m crying as I read. I miss my brother too. I wish I had seen him recently before he died. Last time we were together was at our family reunion in 2011. I’m grateful that you planned that reunion and we all made it happen. I’m grateful for the children my brother and sister in law gave to our family. His legacy lives on in you kids. I’m grateful you are keeping your mommy close. Love you all.

    • Michelle Reply

      We love you, too, Joyce! And I love the legacy that I see in Dad’s grandkids too! He has beautiful grandchildren. I am, of course, a bit partial! :-)

  3. valorie Reply

    It made me cry too! I miss him so much! Last time I saw him was when he came to baptize me and my grandson, Taylor! Summer of 2013! We had plans to go out and see them this summer!

    • Michelle Reply

      You can still come out and see mom anytime! She would love to have you!!!

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