A little embarrassing….

My amazing mom came to visit us for 2 months.  She just left a couple of weeks ago and we miss her terribly!  We had such a fabulous time together!  She was so gracious, and didn’t even complain about…..…where I made her bed.  What kind of daughter puts her mother in the garage!?!?!

Agh.  I am embarrassed to even write it.  But in the house we are now in, we don’t have a guest room.  The initial plan was to put her in with Marae, as Marae has a double bed, but after thinking about it more, I thought it might be a bit much for both Mom and Marae – to share the same space for 2 months.  So I had to get creative.  Our attached garage is split into two sides – so we made one side into the true garage and the other side we put a bed into, tried to soften the walls by hanging curtains over them, borrowed a dresser, put in an extra chair – and walla!  Our new guest bedroom/garage.  :-)  Anybody want to come visit? ;-)

Mom never complained about her room and in fact, I think she quite liked having a quiet little place to escape the bedlam that is my home sometimes!

Happy memories of our 2 months together.  Love you, Mom!

4 Responses to A little embarrassing….
  1. Marian Reply

    My dear daughter, no need to be embarrassed
    you fixed the room up beautifully! I had my own space where you all good have me go when I got a little to bossy.
    I did have a lot of fun. Talk about missing!! I’m missing terribly. I am in an empty house most of the time:(.
    Thanks again, lots of fun.

    • Michelle Reply

      We still call it your room! :-) Even though Nate and Elise have it overrun with toys right now! ;-) Love you loads, Mom!

  2. Paloma Reply

    Well my guest room only has a double bed and a night table in it. You also have to share it with a playpen plus area to walk around the bed is almost non-existent and the only place to open a suitcase would be in front of the door. I like your room better already!

    • Michelle Reply

      Haha! You are right, dear Paloma! My guest room definitely sounds like it had more space than yours! Hugs to you my friend!!

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