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Random acts of kindness day!  We had one of those this last week.  The kids were on their Easter break from school and I have 40 random acts of kindness I need to get done for my Project 40 list!  Sooooo we picked a day this week to randomly be kind! 🙂  

We made a list the night before of a dozen or so things we wanted to accomplish.  It included a lot of baking!  So the next day we were busy in the kitchen making spice cupcakes and sugar cookies for the kids to frost!  Much fun was had in the baking department!

The firemen were the first to receive their cupcakes and you should have seen their faces!  I am not sure if this is a common practice in SA, but it didn’t look like it had ever happened before!  Those dapper young fellows in their firefighting gear were almost giddy when those cupcakes were delivered!  Other beneficiaries of cupcakes included car guards at the grocery stores, security guards at the library, the librarians, and of course, the kids each got to be randomly kind to themselves, and each ate one!

The cookies went to the 6 girls in the Pregnancy Resource Centre who are in the middle of crisis pregnancies.  They too, were thrilled with their cookies.

One other fun little activity we did was writing little notes of encouragement – and then leaving them all over the grocery store.  Marae placed the little sticky notes on boxes of Corn Flakes, egg cartons, biscuit boxes, bags of tea, etc, etc, etc.  She had so much fun walking up and down the aisles and picking which product she should leave a note on.  She decided what to write on the notes and here are a few examples of what she wrote.

“God thinks you are amazing!”

“God adores you!”

“You are incredibly special in God’s eyes!”

What a fun day it was!  I still have about 30 more random acts of kindness to get done before my next birthday on Sept 9, so I am sure the kids and I will try this again!

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  1. Rachel Reply

    Ahh I love it! You guys inspire me xx

  2. Ruth Reply

    Wonderful!!!!! : )

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