Appendectomy or appendicectomy?

Tomato.  Tomah-to.  Potato.  Potah-to.

Appendectomy.  Appendicecto -what????

After talking for two days at the hospital about my appendectomy, my doctor friend kindly pulls me aside and whispers to me, “Michelle, we call it an appendicectomy here in South Africa.”  Really?  And this is the first that anyone cares to mention it to me?

Yes.  I lost my appendix on Saturday, January 26, 2013.

Lost maybe is not the best word for it.  Rather –  excised, removed, expunged, dismembered, lopped…

I am left now with a 2 inch incision on my right lower abdomen that hurts way more than any 2 inches should be allowed to hurt!

I just had to pause typing to cough, and I thought my liver was going to escape through the newest orifice with each cough!!  So much pain!

But with pain comes time.  Time to rest.  Time to sleep.  Time to relax.  I am not the greatest at doing these things, but today I was visited by a young girl that I have been mentoring over the past 3 years.  She said to me, “maybe this is meant for you to have some quality time with Jesus.  Just you and he.”  Time to slow down and be with Jesus.

Thank you appendicectomy!  For some extra R&R with my Jesus!

9 Responses to Appendectomy or appendicectomy?
  1. Lorna Reply

    Hey Michelle! What a nightmare! GLAD all is OK and enjoy your time “off” if you can. HUGS! and Prayers! Lorna

  2. Christie Vevoda Reply

    Hi Michelle,
    I am so sorry you are in pain. Your young friend has a really good point, though, so enjoy spending some quality time with the friend who is acquainted with pain. If I was able to, I would come and see you and bring you chocolate and we would sit and visit and I would work at not making you laugh. God bless you, my friend. I love you.

  3. jane hampton Reply

    Definitely appendicectomy! Enjoy being slightly quieter than usual while you recover.

  4. Laura Anne Reply

    Hope that 2 inches is healing well and hurting way less.

  5. Peg Reply

    Oh man. While I haven’t had an appentectomy (I’m Canadian, so I can say that 😉 I do remember the pain of a c-section incision and holding a pillow to my tummy when I coughed (try it, it helps!) OH AND. You probably already know this, but stay awaaaaaay from T 3’s. They DO NOT help things… just sayin’ 🙂 Thankful that you are ok, and for the friends in your life who help you to see things in a positive light (more so than you usually do). Enjoy your bonus time with Jesus!!! hugs!

  6. Lee Patterson Reply

    Uncle John and I were sorry to hear that you had surgery, We pray for you and your family that God watches over you, Rest and keep walking, I got my blood clot because they said that I didn’t walk enough, but then you know you have to walk, we love you keep well
    Love Aunt Lee and Uncle John

  7. tom Reply

    Hi Mich, Ouch! hope yer OK. reminds me of my inguinal hernia operation. Get well soon!!! T

  8. Ruth Reply

    Hope you are feeling much better by now. : ) You do not look comfortable in that picture above. : ( Glad i could see you looking much happier on Skype.

  9. Grandma Reply

    You must be doing a good job mentoring! Your young lady sure knew what she was talking about!

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