Beauty came with me on a women’s retreat with my church recently. The weekend was made richer by having Beauty there. One of the ladies likened Beauty to the woman who had to push through the crowd to get to Jesus. Beauty has had to push through hardships beyond most of our comprehension, and to this point she has not received the physical healing we have been praying for. But we are not giving up asking for healing for Beauty, so that she can raise her young boys and be a wife to her husband and a friend to all of us.

She wrote me a note during the weekend that read, “I hope we can be as good of friends in heaven as we are on earth.” Even better friends, Beauty!

The weekend ended with a foot washing service symbolizing our friendship as women and our desire to serve each other and build each other up rather than tear each other down. It was one of the most beautiful services I have ever been a part of. Beauty LOVED the service! And at the end she said, “You ladies have made me feel alive again.”

Despite her illness, Beauty has started her own little business of jewelry making and has an amazing marketing mind. Her journey on this earth is not yet over. We don’t know what her future holds, but we know Who holds her and that gives us all peace. We all love you Beauty!

*Beauty used to be staff at Seed of Hope before she got sick.


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