Blue, Gold, Orange, Green

Those are my colors in a personality test that I have done a few times.  It always comes out the same, no matter what mood I am in – and hasn’t changed in 10 years (from the first time I did the test.)  I guess I better believe it.  I won’t bore you with the meaning of all the colors – other than just saying it is a really helpful tool to understand yourself, your spouse, your children and your coworkers.  We have done the test at Seed of Hope twice now – once just recently, and it is always fun to see the staff figuring out their colors and trying to guess what each other’s are.  We are all a mix of all 4 colors – it just varies as to which ones are the most dominant in your personality.

My dearest husband is the polar opposite to me.  Is it true that old saying that “opposites attract?”  Well, in our case, I guess it is.  We are exact opposites!  What I am highest in, he is lowest in and vice versa.  God knew what He was doing, though, when He put us together!  And 17 years into this marriage thing, we still kinda like each other!  His green does drive me a bit looney at times, as I am sure my blue does to him – but I am so blessed to have my Green/Orange hunk of a husband.



Not Green.

Which means.

I feel things.

I don’t think logically about them.

As my (green) logical husband does.

Opposites attract.  True story.

2 Responses to Blue, Gold, Orange, Green
  1. Ruth Reply

    I’m so glad God saw to bring blue and green, you and Carl together. What a beautiful strength of colors and people. You guys are a blessing to many. Fingers crossed. Prayers said. Hoping to see you in April!!!

    • Michelle Reply

      I am crossing fingers, toes, eyes… whatever I can cross! Praying and Hoping that we get to spend some quality time together, dear Ruth! Love you friend!!

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