carrot woman

I was given a zulu name last week!  FINALLY!  After living in South Africa for 7 years, I have a Zulu name.  Nomphilo.  It means “to have health” or “to be healthy.”  Very fitting for me as I LOVE all things healthy!  I have quite a reputation around these parts for being the “carrot woman.”  

Drink water.  Eat veggies.  Exercise.  Sleep.  Those are a few of my remedies when people come to me with various ailments.  In fact, everyone at SOH teases me that no matter what is wrong with a person, I will tell them to “phuza amanzi.”  DRINK WATER! :-)  Arthritic knees.  Drink water.  Sore stomach. Drink water.  Headache.  Drink water.  It doesn’t help every time, but it definitely won’t hurt!  ;-)

One of my titles at Seed of Hope is Corporate Wellness Coordinator.  (Sounds much more official than it really is!)  ;-)  We just finished a wellness challenge for all of our staff on exercising and losing weight.  I believe in treating our bodies well; we only ever get one!  So I love motivating people to better care for this beautiful vehicle we walk around in.

I teach a health class every Tuesday afternoon to our Simunye youth class – 11 to 15 year olds.  We talk about all aspects of health, physiology of the body and disease prevention.  Definitely one of my favourite parts of my job.  Earlier in the year, we spent a few weeks talking about the eye.  The youth learned all about the anatomy of the eye, possible problems with eyes, eye protection, etc.

We used binoculars to learn about lenses and how lenses work in our eyes.  It is inspiring to see the youth learn about their bodies and get excited about treating their bodies right!

Health!  If you have ever been seriously sick, then you have a new appreciation for your health.  My goal is to motivate people to have that appreciation without having to go through the serious illness! ;-)

One life is all we have!  Are those french fries really worth it?  How about a carrot? ;-)

Checking out the other end of the yard

10 Responses to carrot woman
  1. Ant Reply

    Love your blog Michelle. Read this while at Macdonalds :-/

    • Michelle Reply

      Classic Ant! Hope your french fries were tasty! ;-)

  2. Marian Reply

    I love it! You do it well.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks mom! You taught me well!! ;-)

  3. Dawn Reply

    I love to motivate people to get moving and eat well for a healthy body as well. It isn’t easy; sometimes it is most difficult to motivate myself to exercise :-) .

    • Michelle Reply

      Yes, tis true Dawn! I go through periods of personal demotivation, but to remember how good it feels to be healthy! Puts me back on track again! And you are quite motivating with all the crazy sports and activities you are involved in! Awesome!

  4. Rach Reply

    Love love love this! You keep going my friend! Lots of love to those crazy kids of yours too xx

    • Michelle Reply

      They send LOTS of love back to you, my dear friend!!!!

  5. Ruth Reply

    You’ve always been healthy and the fruit of it shows in your life. Keep inspiring us Michelle.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Ruth! I do aspire to healthiness, but do love my sweets! ;-) Remember those rice bars (or whatever they were) that I used to crave from market day? I think I ate far more of those than I should have!

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