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Grateful Season

Years back, I read a quote by Heracletus, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”  Looking back on a decade of life in South Africa, and the end of our season at Seed of Hope, I see how much we’ve changed.

These past few months, we’ve shared a lot of our preparations for returning to Canada, and some of the day to day experiences of wrapping things up.  We’ve had a healthy amount of time to reflect on all that’s happened in our lives since that pivotal decision to move our family in 2007.  It’s led us to a deep sense of gratitude. Read More…

Elise’s Photo Contest

We’re trying to win a contest for Elise at school. If she wins the most votes on Facebook, her school gets a cash prize and she wins money that we’ll put toward a keyboard for music lessons!

The photo looks like this, and you can find the link to vote HERE.

Just like the Infinity Page (top right) then look for Elise’s photo top left and click the number to add your vote!



Enter 2013

To the surprise of few, the world continued its uninterrupted streak of existence over the holidays.  In honour of its (and our) survival, I’ve compiled a short list of events and developments I’m excited about in 2013.

  1. Mudman Triathlon Series:  The Live Out Loud boys and I have been training almost daily through the school holidays, and it’s been amazing to see the improvement in all our swimming.  We received a donation of used mountain bikes in December, so the pieces of the puzzle are coming together!  Watch for updates!
  2. Seed of Hope‘s 10th Anniversary:  In 2003, Derek and Heather Liebenberg launched their ministry in Bhekulwandle, with a few enthusiastic and hard-working friends/volunteers and faith for financial provision.  This September we’ll host a community celebration marking the incredible growth and transformation we’ve seen in the past decade.  It’s going to be a milestone to remember. Read More…

“Who’s Looking After the Kids?”

November wasn’t a typical month in the life of the Waldron household.  With a 3-week trip booked for HopeShares (Seed of Hope’s Canadian partner), I we preparing final details in late October when we learned that Michelle’s dad, Ray, would need heart surgery.  A handful of complex health concerns meant that although the surgery would not be major, the situation was worrisome.  Mish and I spent a few days talking through the options, and eventually I said “I think you need to go – for your sake and your parents’.” Read More…


It’s our first pool training day, and I’m buzzing with excitement.  Eleven teenage Bhekulwandle boys are about to swim for the first time.  Ryan, one of their mentors, and I are going to teach them!  My imagination leaps ahead a few months. In March, 2013, we’ll cross the finish line of the Mudman Triathlon together, and this undertaking will be the makings of an inspirational story – who knows, maybe even a movie? The newspaper reporter is here, and she takes our first picture beside the pool and writes a few quotes in her notebook.  A brief moment later we’re in the water – where amidst the gasping and floundering I’m just relieved we took the photo already. This is going to be way tougher than I thought.

Read More…

Youth Speaker

Last weekend, Mish and I were guest speakers at our church’s youth camp. It’s been a long time since I spoke to a group of teens, but what felt even more unusual was to talk about something other than our work at Seed of Hope, which has been my most frequent speaking topic for the last few years!

Read More…

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