Countdown – 2 months to go

And that truck is carrying 15 of the most important cardboard boxes in all the world!  At least that is what my dear children believe to be true!  In my last post, I had hoped we would be able to fit into 15 boxes – and unbelievably, we did!  4 book boxes, and 11 standard boxes… filled with all sorts of treasures!  At least that is what we call them…  

“Elise, are you sure you need this doll with only half a head?”

“Yes, mom.  That was my very first doll.  It is special to me.”

And so, the half-headed doll made it into the boxes.  Along with ALL of Nate’s legos, many plastic sharks and snakes, assorted barbies, marbles, swimming medals, and a myriad of other interesting “memorabilia.”  Some of the more interesting ones include bullet-proof glass that Nate found at an old whaling station in Durban, a South African porcupine quill that was given to him by one of his best pals, a swimming costume that will never fit Marae (but was worn by her mentor and so it must come with us), and rocks from ALL over South Africa – all labeled as to which part of the country they were gathered from. 🙂

Our boxes will start the journey home before we do.

We have moved out of our house and into a flat on the beach.  Life seems simpler now.  Thankfully that move is over.  There will be a little sorting and packing for the 29th of March, but it will be MUCH easier with our big move already done.

But during the week before we moved out of our house, I had two exams for my emergency room certification course.  If anyone of you know me very well, you know that I like to get top marks/grades.  I almost cried when I saw my mark for my first exam I wrote.  It was in the low 80s… and that is just not up to my standard.  But then I most certainly sobbed when I saw my mark for the next exam – It was in the 70s!!!  Ahhhh….  That is sooo not me!  But I have decided that with all that is going on in my life, I am going to have to aim for 80s and be happy if I get that.  (Hopefully there will be no more 70s, as I just cannot swallow that one.)  Oh my pride.

And from next week, we will go down to a weekly countdown.  Hopefully.  We don’t have internet at our flat, so it is a bit difficult to blog, but that is going to be my aim.  Thanks for walking through this beautiful journey with us.  We know God has us in His grip, so that gives us peace… despite all the bedlam!

Next week’s edition will be all about our pet stories!  Stay tuned!


4 Responses to Countdown – 2 months to go
  1. Trish Reply

    Wish we could be there in some of your last days there. Thinking of you a lot these days. Praying lots too for the kids and their goodbyes as they come and adjustment that will follow.
    Loves and hugs

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks my dear friend. It is all a bit overwhelming, but just taking one day at a time. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.

  2. Zaak Reply

    Stoked to see you guys again. Enjoy your final 2 months. I hope they are special.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Zaak! We are really looking forward to reconnecting with you guys too!

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