Countdown – 3 months to go

3 months.  Gulp.  In 3 months time, we will have left South Africa permanently. 

There still seems like an insurmountable amount of things we need to accomplish in the next 3 months.

We move out of our rental house in one month.  Will have to have all our worldly belongings sorted into 3 categories:  1 – Shipping.  We are trying to ship as few boxes as possible.  Aiming for only 15.  Will let you know how far over that we go! We seem to have collected a whole lot over the last 10 years! :-)  2 – what we need during our last 2 months in South Africa and 3 – what we are getting rid of.  Our boxes will ship at the end of January when we move out of this house and we will live out of suitcases in a furnished flat for the remainder of our South African days.  That works out perfectly, as it makes sure we are organised WELL in advance!  And our last two months, we can focus on work and on friends, rather than packing!

I am  taking two courses this semester.  towards my Emergency Room certification from a university in Canada, as well as homeschooling all 3 children.  In addition to that, I will still need to be involved in some mentoring and planning for the Community Care Team at Seed of Hope.  Plus of course the packing…

Carl is still very much a part of the daily life of Seed of Hope, despite the fact he has worked himself out of a job. He is working in more of a consulting role and his time will be devoted to getting the property (recently purchased by Seed of Hope) as far along as possible before we leave.

Then there are the good-byes.  We have promised the kids they can each have a farewell party for all their friends. That will take a bit of coordinating…   And there are so very many people we will want to have time with before we leave…


Just writing this blog, I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I need to go sort the garage.  That will help me feel better.

Yes, I am one of those crazies who loves to sort!!  In fact, today, instead of doing my own sorting, I went to help a friend in need.  She does not enjoy the process of sorting and purging.   I, on the other hand, love it! So i spent the morning in her garage!  Helping her get organised.  So now my own garage is calling my name!

From our 2 month mark, I am going to move to a weekly countdown. :-)

Should be fun!



4 Responses to Countdown – 3 months to go
  1. Gail Schreiner Reply

    We are so glad that you could be with us for 10 years our lives are richer for it. We are going to be away at the time you leave SA so would like to know if we could squeeze in an evening dinner with you as our parting goodbyes. They say for you to realise the impact a person (family) made on a community, you need to remove them from that community to fully understand their impact. We know that you have made huge investments here and we will always remember you by your servant hearts. We count it a true blessing to be associated with you. Thank you so much for all you have done. We will miss your leadership, your kindness, your smiles and simply your presence. Go well!!

    • Michelle Reply

      We would love a chance to hang out with you guys!! Let us know when works for you. We appreciate you and Gary so much too!!

  2. Jackie Tessendorf Reply

    Well looking at the plans for the early part of 2017 I think you will need the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon and the Faith of Abraham. So I shall hope and pray that all this is yours and All Glory goes to God. Love you Special one. May your tree of righteousness be deeply rooted in Him and may your fruit be plentiful.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks so much, Jackie! If I could have all of THAT patience, wisdom and faith!!! That would be perfect! Thank you for your prayers! Appreciate them so much! God bless you in this new year!!

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