Countdown – 5 months

Well, actually 4 1/2  months now, since I missed the 29th of October.  I was up to my neck in studying creatinine height index, arterial blood gases and a whole slew of other incredibly exciting medical assessment techniques for the emergency nursing course I am taking.  I am taking the course to get my knowledge and skills back up to where they used to be in preparation for my job search when we return to Canada.  I am toying with the idea of looking for a job in the emergency room…  One area of nursing I have not yet tried, so I am taking an online course through a Canadian University that gives me an Emergency Nursing Certification.  I may go back to PICU or another ICU, but this course is a good overall review for me.  All part of this process of moving home.

But really, where is home?  We own a house in St. Albert, so in some ways that does feel like home, but I have lived here in Amanzimtoti, South Africa the longest that I have ever lived anywhere!  Ever!  When I was a kid we moved about every 4 years and that continued until I married Carl.  We then lived in St. Albert about 8 years before we made the trek across the ocean.  And now we are approaching our 10 year anniversary of living in South Africa!

So again, where is home?

Elise has lived in South Africa her entire life.  Nate was still in nappies when we moved here and Marae was an adorable little 4 year old who still couldn’t say her “r”s and drank from a sippy cup.

Marae loving on her 6 week old baby sister, Elise.

Marae loving on her 6 week old baby sister, Elise.


My little Nate and one of his first days at Seed of Hope

My little Nate and one of his first days at Seed of Hope

Home is right here in South Africa for them.  For my children, we are not moving “home.”  We are going to a foreign country who won’t understand them when they speak in their adorable CanAfrican accents, who won’t know what they are referring to  when they talk about bakkies, braais, takkies, Julius Malema, swimming costumes, Springboks, and the list goes on!

This feels big.  A bit intimidating for them.  They are returning to the country of their birth, but they feel like visitors.  Some days are going to be hard… for them – and for us.  We have been reading LOTS of books and resources about how to do this transition well.  And we have been praying about this for years.  So just holding on to our faith in God that He will carry our kids through this tough transition.  And hopefully, it won’t be that tough!  We are praying they will make friends easily, that their “weird” mannerisms and accents will be deemed cool and that they will enjoy a relatively smooth adjustment to their home country.

If you are a praying person, we would love extra prayers for our kids and their hearts as they prepare to leave the only home they really remember.  Pray that Carl and I would be sensitive to their needs and have wisdom in how to help them transition well.

And this was last month.  :-)  My beautiful "African" children.

And this was last month. :-) My beautiful “African” children.

Thank you for showing interest in our journey home and watch for my next Countdown post in just a few weeks time.

8 Responses to Countdown – 5 months
  1. Dawn Reply

    So much to process and try to understand. For each of you! John still deals with it, and so do we. We feel fully at home here now, but often misunderstood. John feels most at home in the Philippines, but always at least little awkward everywhere. It’s tough, but their lives will be richer because we lived by our convictions.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Dawn. It is definitely a different sort of journey that our children have been on, and I do think we are raising globally minded kids… for which I am very grateful.

  2. Ruth Reply

    Augh my friend…..I feel your anticipated pain in the upcoming transition. And yet it is God ordained, timed and His. He called and He continues to call in a different way. That comforts me, know that YOU, and what is precious to you, are at the center of His will. Therefore, His strength, wisdom and grace will be sufficient. Go in the confidence of this my friend. Go home, fully confident that God will comfort and transition each of you into a beautiful purpose and outcome. With prayer and love…. Ruth

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you my dearest friend! You are sooo right. He has a call on our lives and we are excited to see what that will look like on the other side of the ocean. Thank you for your love and prayers! Sure wish I could join see you in Tennessee this next year, but we will miss you by a month or two. We leave on May 10…. Lotsa love!!!

  3. Trish Reply

    So true about coming ‘home’. Praying with you.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Trish. I know you totally get this. Your prayers mean a lot!

  4. Audrey and Frank Reply

    Michelle your family is so precious…in time we all have to adjust to changes in our lives.I want to say to you and Carl you are going to be just fine.Of course it takes time and lots of patience to transition..Our Lord is with you wherever you go and wherever you go you will carry the aroma of a life blessed by Jesus..Will be praying for you xxxFrank and Audrey xx

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you Audrey! Thank you for your prayers! You two are very special!! xxx

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