Countdown – 6 months

It is with excitement and sadness that we begin this countdown.  We have approximately 6 months left until we leave South Africa.  On our departure date, we will be just 2 months shy of our 10 year anniversary of moving to RSA.  Our hearts are so deeply intertwined with the people, the places, the sea, the life…  it feels almost unimaginable to be leaving, yet we know it is time.  

So we thought we would let you in on a bit of the journey as we navigate through closures, good-byes, packing, finding new homes for our pets, hiring replacements for our responsibilities at Seed of Hope and at our local church, etc.  You will be privy to some laughter and tears along the way, I am sure.

Our tickets have been purchased.  March 29 is our departure date!  Our visas expire on the 31st of March, so we are just squeezing out in the nick of time! :-)

Presently we are busy with the process of hiring replacements for our positions at Seed of Hope.  God is providing in such beautiful ways!  It truly feels that He is orchestrating this move and transition – putting people in place to be the support structure that the new CEO of SOH will need.  Super exciting!

One thing you could pray for us about – our pets.  They are a part of our family, but we are just not able to pay the costs that it would take to ship them home, so we want to find new homes for them.  Asha is a 5 year old German Shepherd cross who LOVES people and is an amazing alert dog.  She loves to be loved and would be a great dog for a family.  Pippa is a typical cat – moody and queenly.  But she is amazing to have around and a very low maintenance cat.  And the final one is our hamster, Stitch.  Um.  He’s a hamster.  So I don’t have much to say about him.  But yes, we would love a good home for him too.

So watch for my countdown updates monthly!  And say a prayer for our hearts as we begin this process of saying good-bye.

14 Responses to Countdown – 6 months
  1. Debbie West Reply

    Wow, how I am, going to miss you!

    • Michelle Reply

      Oh Debbie. How I will miss you, too! We will be WhatsApp and FB friends forever though! The joys of social media! Love you lots!!

  2. Paloma Reply

    I’m sure it will be hard to leave after 10 years. Your years there will forever be ingrained in your lives and the people will live in your hearts forever. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 3 years you told me. Maximum 5! But he had other plans for you. You were needed there more than here. He has so many other plans for all of you but I am happy that they are bringing you back here ….. for now. I hope that your last 6 months are filled with love and laughter. I can’t wait to see you!!!!

    • Michelle Reply

      Hello dear Paloma! I know… my maximum 5 years doubled. Oops… But you are right. God works in mysterious ways and we know He is bringing us back to Canada right now for a reason. Looking forward to it all despite the painful good-byes that are going to take place here. We can’t wait to see you either! Love you lots!

  3. Jerome Reply

    Exciting times ahead for you guys but without a doubt we are going to miss seeing you guys around. I was already saddened by reading this very first post and this is just the start of your journey back home!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks so much Jerome! You are such a friendly face at all our children’s events! Thanks for being such a great guy and for all the awesome photos! Looking forward to that yummy curry!!

  4. Lisa Reply

    “Um. He’s a hamster.”
    I’m sure everything will work out – Stitch included

    • Michelle Reply

      Haha! Wondered what people thought of my poor little hamsters plight. :-) You are so funny!

  5. Bev Reply

    I will definitely pray for you and your pets. I can’t imagine having to leave them behind. They certainly are family. 6 months! Wow. Gosh, can it be true? We are super excited. Please let us know what else you may need to ease your way back into Canadian life. I’m already collecting stuff!
    Love you guys

    • Michelle Reply

      You are so sweet, Beverly! We can’t believe it either. It is going so fast. Our hearts are rejoicing and crying at the same time. We will be living with Carl’s parents for the first 6 weeks or so until our house is free. So won’t need too much stuff… ;-) And we timed our arrival for spring/summer!! ;-) To ease us back into Canadian life and weather! Love you lots!

  6. Audrey and Frank Reply

    Just know you are going to take a lot of our sunshine
    of Africa with you.

    You have both been such a blessing in Oasis and
    touching lives in personal places.

    Thank you for showing us joy unity encouragement
    and love and great courage in your family and by the
    experiences you have shared..

    We are the workmanship of God created in Christ
    Jesus for a life of good deeds which he has already prepared for us to do.

    Be Blessed as you move towards what He has prepared for you and your family xxxx

    • Michelle Reply

      Hello dear Audrey! Africa will be forever in our hearts and I do believe God will bring us back someday! Thank you for being such a strong and joyful person. God be close to you and yours! And thank you for you love and encouragement!

  7. Tanya Karasek Reply

    Will be praying for you all as you prepare for this new chapter in your lives. So grateful for the opportunity to meet you all and to partner with you and the wonderful staff at Seed of Hope thru RESKU!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you so very much, Tanya! We are so incredibly blessed by all of our RESKU friends! Can’t wait to hear all of Musa and Heather’s stories when they return. God bless you all!!

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