Countdown – 6 weeks

So much has happened in the last two weeks, it feels like it has been months since I last blogged.  I am completely aware (especially since a few friends politely reminded me) that I missed my 7 week instalment.  Oops.  But by the end of this blog, you will understand why.  

With the help of a few great friends, we delivered all of our furniture to its new owners – mostly Seed of Hope staff and volunteers.  The house was cleaned and we handed the keys back over.  That chapter closed.  Now we are enjoying a simpler life in a sweet little apartment on the beach.  It isn’t anything fancy, but it is home for the next 6 weeks.  This is where our South African journey started – in the Strandburg flats – we stayed here for 3 weeks when we first arrived in June 2007.  Seems fitting that we are here when our South African journey ends.

Breakfast in our first home in South Africa - in the Strandburg flats

Breakfast in our first home in South Africa – in the Strandburg flats


Would you like to hear how our Pippa and Asha are doing?

We had been quite stressed about whether or not we could find a home for our pets, and I am so happy to report that we found fantastic homes!  Even for the hamster!

Stitch, the hamster, was the first to go to his new home.  Nate’s pal from school, Laythan, was more than pleased to make Stitch a part of their family.  We often get pictures from his new family of him enjoying a piece of pineapple on their breakfast table. 🙂

Asha was the next…  I do believe God cares about all of His creation, and one day when I was worrying about where Asha was going to go, God dropped the name of a local family into my mind.  I immediately texted them, and within a couple of days, they had decided to make Asha a part of their family.  The beautiful thing is that they have 7 children, who are all homeschooled – and they have another dog – so Asha has a whole new “pack.”  And is practically never alone.  We saw her today for the first time since she had joined their family – more than 3 weeks ago – and she has settled in quite well.

Pippa – our moody, loving kitty…  We were moving out on Friday and on Thursday morning still did not have a home for her.  One of our youth girls from church had mentioned to Marae that if we were desperate, she and her mom would take Pippa.  I was desperate!  I texted them and they happily agreed – and tada!  Pippa had a home!  It isn’t perfect, as they have some other cats, and Pippa is not a fan of “other cats.”  She thinks she is the queen, but her new owners say she is getting used to sharing space with other felines… 🙂

What a relief!

The next few days were spent getting ourselves organised in our new home – our little flat, and getting back on track with homeschooling.

Just in time for the next excitement in our lives.  Carl surprised me with a morning date last week – and while we were in Durban, our car was broken into – in an attempt to steal it.  Thankfully, they were not successful in getting it started,  just successful in completely tearing apart the front dash.  So now we are scooting around town in a little 4 seater Hyundai rental car, while our car is being repaired for the second time in less than a year.  (They tried to steal it last year in August too.) Who knew we had such a desirable car!! 😉

We are hoping for a less exciting week this week…

Next Wednesday’s instalment is going to be written by one of my children.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Paloma Reply

    I am so sure that everyone will miss all of you (as I can relate for the last 10 years), but I am super happy that we are down to single digit weeks. It is all about the fun now right! The boxes are packed and out. The animals have loving homes. I hope that you guys really enjoy these last few weeks! Love you.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you, dear Paloma! We are trying to enjoy every last minute! Can’t wait to see you too!!

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