Fish face

That is what Marae is painting on this beautiful little face!  A fish!  And that was her very serious request!  To be a fish!  Gills, fins, and fun!  This was Marae’s first ever attempt at face painting!  And she was pretty doggone good at it  too!!  Read on for a little background story about the face painting.  

For the last couple of months, Marae had been praying and asking us how she could be more involved at Seed of Hope.  We regularly pray for Seed of Hope at home, and talk about it lots, but because of my children’s busy school, homework, extracurricular activity schedules, they don’t often get to go to SOH.

Marae has been feeling lately that God wanted her to be more hands on at SOH.  We had been praying for wisdom as to how Marae could be more involved.  And then Christmas arrived.  Carl asked Marae if she would like to be on a team for our SOH Christmas party.  You would have thought he had offered Marae a large sum of money! 😉  She was thrilled.  I think she asked me 114 times whether or not Auntie Kierra (SOH’s administrative assistant) had put her name on the face painting team!  She took her role very seriously and was so excited about it!

The day finally arrived, beautiful and bold!  As was Marae!  She googled how to face paint, and did some practices on paper and then a practice run on her baby sister…. and then her customers started arriving.  She flourished!  She absolutely loved being a part of the team and loving on our SOH kids…

The fulfillment in her soul was evident on her face!

What a gift is given to us when we are allowed to serve others.  When we seek out opportunities to serve.  When we take the time to recognize needs around us.  When we touch others.  Marae got a taste of it on a simple face painting journey and you could tell it filled a void in her.

We continue to work and pray for God to open up opportunities for our children to be more a part of the work we do at Seed of Hope.  And when those opportunities are not there, then we are teaching them how to have a servant heart where God has them!  Even if it is in the kitchen washing dishes after supper (when it was your brother’s turn!)


Some of our little men

Happy butterflies!

Christmas and prize giving! Such a fun day!!


3 Responses to Fish face
  1. Kathy Reply

    Michelle, What amazing parents you and Carl are. Teaching your children to serve and being joyful about it! The example you are setting for them is obvious to them and also to others. God Bless you and your precious children as God uses you all to serve in such a special way! Love you lots xoxo

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Kathy! Love you lots too! And thank you for your encouragement!!

  2. Grandma Reply

    Wow, Marae, so proud of you! Jesus gives us many oppoortunities to work for Him. So glad to see you are wanting to! Love you!
    Grandma (Gogo)

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