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I have a healthy addiction to exercise!  If I go a day or two without fitting in a workout of some kind, I start to feel a bit depressed and lethargic.  My mind and body crave movement…  I love being a FitChick!  Sometimes it is a struggle to find time to exercise though.  Work, kids, school, cooking, cleaning, laundry – all you moms know exactly what I am talking about!  Let me share with you how I fit in my workouts!

My goal is to exercise 5 days out of 7.  I don’t always reach that goal, but that is where I am aiming!  Here is what it looks like…

Sunday – usually a walk or bike ride with the family or a game of ultimate frisbee with friends

Monday – early morning workout at home with weights or a jillian micheals DVD or a Zumba DVD (often my kids alarm clock is their mother jumping around upstairs shaking the whole house!)

Tuesday – Nate plays soccer on Tuesday and Thursday evening, so while he is playing soccer, I speed walk around his field and run a small set of stairs for about 45 minutes.

Wednesday – Early morning workout again – with burpees, lunges, planks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc.  I sometimes follow a fit sugar quick workout video if I didn’t get out of my warm bed on time!  :-)

Thursday – Back to soccer again for Nate, so I do my speed walking….  (while practicing my Zulu!)  Everyone laughs at me because I speed walk with my Zulu book in my hand…)

Friday – Sometimes I don’t fit in a workout on Fridays.  Sometimes I get a quick one in.  I try at least to do planks for one minute in the morning and one minute at night.  Anyone can work out for 2 minutes a day, right?  I find that planks really help remind me to keep my tummy tucked in tight. :-)

Saturday – Sometimes I fit in a walk or a zumba DVD with the kids or a walk with the family. And sometimes I just relax with a good book.

I have a FB friend who has made an enormous change in her life – to become FIT!  She changed her choices in food and found time in her life for pretty intensive exercise.  And she looks great and feels so much better!  Those are just the visible changes in her…. I am confident her heart, blood vessels, pancreas, lungs, etc are all cheering for the changes she has made.

I would love to find more time and energy for a bit more intensive workouts.  Right now I feel my workouts are just keeping me stable.  Not really pushing my body to change.  I am contemplating doing a boot camp later this year… in preparation for the triathlon I am going to start training for again!  Triathlon will be sometime early 2014!  Hope I don’t have any more emergency surgeries or broken/twisted bones or ligaments!  I really want to do this!!

Okay, fitchicks and fitmen!  Be kind to your body and your body will, in turn, be kind to you!!!  Now to head off to a Zumba DVD! ;-)

PS.  the picture is a list of exercises I sometimes do…  sticky-tacked to my closet wall…

3 Responses to FitChick – mylife#6
  1. Ruth Reply

    You are always an inspiration to me. I still remember you studying for some nursing test, eating pretzels and doing leg crunches all at the same time!

    • Michelle Reply

      Haha… I am not quite so good at multi-tasking anymore. But my newest attempt is watching Nate play soccer, speed-walk around the field, and learn Zulu all the while. :-) Almost as good as nursing school! :-)

  2. Grandma Reply

    Where did you get all that desire to exercise? I know–from Dad making you come all the way downstairs to change a channel for him on the TV. Dad had remotes before there were remotes, named Raymond, Michelle, Robert, and Randy

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