Frugal Momma

Yup, that is me.  Frugal!  And I am actually quite proud of the fact.  My kids call me “cheap” in the most loving connotation possible! :-)  So when one has a wedding to attend, many people run to find a new dress to wear…  not this chick.  

I simply go to my stash of “clothing exchange goodies” to find a suitable one.  The dress in this picture is from a clothing exchange 3 years ago.  I have only worn it once, so thought it would work for a sweet summer wedding dress, with a cute little white shrug (half-sweater) on top.  I had quite a few compliments on my wedding attire and no one was any the wiser that it was an old, pre-owned dress.

I also frequent charity shops and find all sorts of GREAT deals!!




or just smart. :-)  It is a rare day that I choose to buy something new (other than swimsuits and unmentionables. :-) )

I am passing this trait on down to my kids!  They think it normal that all their clothes comes from Goodwill!  I usually buy when I am home in Canada or the States from garage sales and charity shops to last us for the next 3 years or so!

Having fun posing while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive

2 Responses to Frugal Momma
  1. Rachel Reply

    Love it! I had never done a clothes swap until I was with you guys…. have hosted a couple of my own since! SUCH fun! xx

    • Michelle Reply

      So fun! I still remember that clothes swap that you were at! Such fun! We have also done a couple since then and hope to do another one this year sometime.

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