Grateful Season

Years back, I read a quote by Heracletus, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”  Looking back on a decade of life in South Africa, and the end of our season at Seed of Hope, I see how much we’ve changed.

These past few months, we’ve shared a lot of our preparations for returning to Canada, and some of the day to day experiences of wrapping things up.  We’ve had a healthy amount of time to reflect on all that’s happened in our lives since that pivotal decision to move our family in 2007.  It’s led us to a deep sense of gratitude.

When we accepted the invitation to join Seed of Hope, I summed up my vision with three goals:

  • A strong, stable and well-managed organisation;
  • Effective programs that make a lasting impact on the community;
  • A capable and passionate South African successor as the next CEO. 

I’m amazed at how all three of those have been fulfilled, and doubly awe-struck by the answer to a dozen years of prayers — the securing of the entire property and amicable relocation of all the illegal squatters who’d lived there for years.  This has given Seed of Hope security and room to grow for the next decade!

I couldn’t be happier, despite the pain of saying goodbye to people we love (both at work, among our church family and friends in the community of Amanzimtoti).  It’s been bittersweet, but I wouldn’t ask for it to have been any different.

  • With this transition approaching, Michelle and I sat down a while ago and recorded this farewell, and thanks, to our South African family.
  • Enjoy,
  • c


8 Responses to Grateful Season
  1. John Forbes Reply

    Love you guys, and I am SO proud of what you have done and what you are leaving behind. You helped firmly establish the vision that started in Derek & Heather and inspired so many around the world to be involved. Thanks for keeping things alive — look forward to reconnecting in the west. Peace . . .John

    • Michelle Reply

      We can’t wait to connect with you, John!

  2. Mom Reply

    Well said! So glad that you an family had a part in sharing Jesus’ hands, feet, and heart to those in need! Love you and the fam. God will go with you on your next step of the journey. Love to all, Mom

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Mom! We are really grateful for such supporting parents through our entire time overseas. Love you lots!

  3. Ruth Boyd Reply

    Amen. As the day in Papua. Love you guys. Beautiful!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Ruthie! We love you too!

  4. Elaine Geerdes Reply

    We love you two and your sweet family! We are so grateful for all you have done to minister to and through the Seed of Hope in these last 10 years. We have thrilled at all the progress as SOH has developed and grown, and It has been a joy to see the depth and growth in the programs, children, youth, volunteers and staff members as well.Thank you for letting us at RESKU International walk along side you. We are forever grateful!

    • Michelle Reply

      Hello dear Elaine! Thank you so much for your sweet words and your loving support over the years. We know we have many roads still to walk together and are grateful for that fact. Much love to you and Monte!

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