Groceries – mylife#7

Where do I buy groceries?  A few of my dear friends have asked me about my shopping experiences in South Africa.  Honestly, it probably doesn’t look much different than from where you get your groceries, but I wanted to put a few pictures up.  

Amanzimtoti is the name of the town where we live.  When we moved here 6 years ago, things were MUCH different than they are now.  I would have compared the town to a small country town in the prairies.  We had a grocery store, that was small, but totally adequate.  We also had a hardware store, a few “dollar type stores” and some furniture stores.  We only had one department store in town.  Similar to a Sears or equivalent…  If we needed something beyond groceries, we usually had to drive about half an hour into Durban to the nearest mall.

Fast forward to today and we now have a MALL!  We have a HUGE grocery store!  SImilar to a Superstore or a Super Wal-Mart.  Actually we have a few BIG grocery store chains.  And Amanzimtoti is adding ALL the time!  They are right now in the process of building a new store that is similar to Costco – and it is about 5 minutes from my house!  Crazy!  HUGE difference in the 6 years we have lived here.  We almost NEVER go into Durban anymore!

The store looks similar, but the products are all different.  You won’t find many of the same brands here.  But after 6 years, we are very used to what we can get here.  There are only a few things we still crave from back home!  Like proper maple syrup, proper salsa, and Reese’s pb cups! ;-)

The name of my favorite grocery store is PicknPay Hyper.

Friday afternoon ritual is grocery shopping with mom!

5 Responses to Groceries – mylife#7
  1. Ruth Reply

    Ok, I am totally coveting your grocery stores. I’ll trade you a shopping trip?!!!! : ) haha….if you are wise, you will say, “No thank you!”.

    • Michelle Reply

      Ummm…. I have read your blogs about your grocery shopping experiences. That is partly why I appreciate mine all the more! Love you Ruth!!!!

  2. Laura Anne Reply

    Pick N Pay!

  3. Grandma Reply

    You aren’t losing anything by no Reece’s PBS cups when you can get fresh avocados to die for and fresh mangos–you have a vey jealous Mom!

    • Michelle Reply

      I agree Mom. I think avocado and mango are my two favorite foods ever!!

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