I smell a bit like urine….

He is almost 6 weeks old.  She is just over 2.  Their mom abandoned them and their father doesn’t want them.  They showed up at Seed of Hope with an extended relative.  The baby was screaming!  He was so hungry!  The 2 year old’s pants were wet with urine.  We found some milk and a new set of pants….

The old lady who they were left with cannot care for them.  She struggles to care for her own family.  The children had been left on her sofa when she wasn’t even home.  She came to us at SOH for help.  She wants to find a family for them.  A family that will love them, cherish them, and give them a future…  right now, they have none of that!

The morning was spent at a social worker’s office and then to the police station to open a case of abandonment.  I held the little girl for 2 hours, while the social worker dealt with the case…  little girl started shifting, back and forth in my arms…  I asked her, “ufuna itoilet?”  “Do you want the toilet?”  But I think she was too shy to tell me.  Soon it became very evident she did need to go!  We almost made it in time… The warmth came through my shirt and made me reminiscent of my Philippine days when babies used to pee on me on a regular basis!  But I don’t mind at all.  Just holding and giving her love felt so fulfilling!  Urine and all!

The baby boy has only been on this earth for about 6 weeks and already his little life feels overwhelming.  Parents who don’t want him.  Cow’s milk in his bottle instead of proper formula.  No one who really wants or cares for him and his big sissy.  Makes my heart sore.

We are in the process (working with the social workers) of finding a home for these two siblings.  The orphanages are full, and we would rather they go to a family anyway. Praying God will provide the perfect home for them!  A home full of love, laughter, God, acceptance, joy, peace, and every other good thing that is in God’s perfect will for a child!


Waiting for the police to open the case of abandonment.


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  1. Laura Anne Reply

    makes me want to jump on the next plane(s) and give those kids all the love I have they’ve not had from their parents… 🙁

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks for your care!! We are totally trusting God for a great family for them!

  2. Lee Patterson Reply

    Praying for those two precious children I know they are in good hands with God loving looking down on them, I’m glad that the older lady came to you for help. I’ll keep praying for you ,

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks for your prayers, Aunt Lee! Means so much to us!

  3. Melody Babin Reply

    oh Michelle my heart is breaking as I read this……I’m so thankful for the work you are doing. I wish there was more I could do to help. Will continue to pray.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Melody! We love having CAIRD becoming more active here in SA and trusting God for lots of great families for needy children. Thanks for your love and prayers!

  4. Trevor Boller Reply

    OH wow thank you for bringing sunshine, though it is rainy and cloudy here. Not that it is a happy story, but it is a story of God’s love shining through, which you do. Thank you for the life lesson.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Trevor! God’s love is amazing!

  5. Shauna Reply

    So glad they are getting help, but my heart breaks especially because I think of Coop and Sage in their place who are so close in age to these little ones. I’m so glad they are safe and I will pray for a home and a loving family for them!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Shauna…. I was playing little finger games with the 2 year old in the police station, and you could tell no one had ever played little games like this with her before… her little face was so inquisitive and longing… I think (whether she knew it or not) she was longing for someone who loved her enough to spend time with her. Man, it was so heart-breaking. Your prayers mean so much! I really am hoping for a great outcome for these two little ones.

  6. Diane Watson Reply

    Praise God for hearls like yours. God knows the exact family that can care for these little ones. Will keep this in my prayers. Love to you my sweet niece.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you Aunt Diane, Your prayers mean so much! Much love to you too!!

  7. Cari Reply

    You are speaking my love language.

    • Michelle Reply

      🙂 I am pretty sure it is God’s love language too! “Let the little children come unto me!” 🙂

      • Cari Reply

        Yes, that’s the Source. Your arms, hands and heart are having the opportunity to keep fluent.

  8. Debbie Reply

    We are so grateful that Seed of Hope and the dedicated staff go the extra mile for the community.
    Thank you for giving.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks so much!!

  9. Marian Reply

    How about we have 5 children in the Waldron family?
    Oh, how I would love to be able to love these precious ones from God.

    • Michelle Reply

      I think it might take a little while to convince the daddy of the family that we needed 2 more! 😉 But don’t think that thought didn’t cross my mind at least a time or two today!

  10. Shauna Thompson Reply

    this breaks my heart and soul. How could this be okay, anywhere, anytime. I pray for a Godly home, with amazing parents, to take these two little ones in. So wish I could take them.

    blessings Michelle for caring for them.


    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks for those prayers Shauna! God can do it! He can find the perfect home for them!

  11. Kath;y Magwood Reply

    Just bring them home with you… we’ll take them happily till we can find younger folks to raise them like their own. Would LOVE to have them xoxoxo Praying for these dear wee souls <3

    • Michelle Reply

      How they would benefit from having a grandma like you! 🙂 Love you Kath!

  12. Monique Reply

    It’s stories like this that both break and mend a heart. Michelle, thank you for sharing. What a difference you have made in their lives. If only adoption were an easier process.

    • Michelle Reply

      You are right Monique. Adoption is soooo difficult, almost impossible to some countries for international adoption. It is especially hard when you know amazing families who would love to adopt these two, but they live an ocean away….

  13. audrey hely Reply

    Suffer the little children to come unto me….for such is the Kingdom…
    Caring like this costs a great deal emotionally,physically and spiritually….we care because HE cares,we love because HE first loved us…Thank you for being there for these kids..God will provide a home for them….xxxxx

    • Michelle Reply

      The love of a Father! I am so praying that they will get a home where they can know the love of earthly parents, but also their heavenly Dad! Thanks Audrey for praying!!

  14. Joyce m Reply

    My dear Michelle, what concern I see in your face. I know you are hurting for these precious children. This makes me so sad. To not be wanted by your mother. But we do know that our Heavily Father wants them and loves them. He will help you help these little ones. Praying for a good home for them. Love you sweety.

    • Michelle Reply

      Love you too, dear Aunt Joyce! I think it is one of the saddest things in human history…. that a child can go unwanted… God will someday fix every wrong, but for now, we try to do the best we can! Trusting for that good home for these beautiful children.

  15. Tracy Ganson Reply

    Thank you for posting this, and the picture of you with the sleeping little one says so much. I am so grateful for you and Carl!! Is it at all possible that the children could be adopted out of the country…internationally if they are officially abandon?

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Tracy. The whole international adoption thing is so complicated. It is a bit depressing actually. There are so many reasons why it is complicated, that I am not sure it will ever become a straightforward process…. which means children spend their lives waiting… waiting for a family… I have a friend who worked at an orphanage that had one case where it took 7 years for the international adoption to go through. The family used to come over yearly to visit their son, who was stuck in the orphanage because of bureaucracy and corruption. Finally a few years ago, it went through! 7 years! I can’t imagine!!! So long answer to your question, international adoption is done here, but it is not easy. And it is not open to Canada. There are only a few countries that have reciprocal adoption policies, and Canada is not in the list… 🙁

  16. Michelle Reply

    Quick update. The children were apprehended by social services and the police last week. They have been placed in a temporary place of safety until further investigation can take place. We are following up with social services on this case and praying for the best possible outcome for these sweet children.

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