Don’t you? 😉  Seems that our little Waldron world is surrounded by sports these days.  I am not complaining, as I would much rather be surrounded by activity than by inactivity!!  I love it that my kids love their sports!  And not to leave my dear husband out, his first love (in sports, of course) will always be basketball, but he is really enjoying all the triathlon training and competing.  

Marae has practice swims, often twice a day – and usually competes about once a week.  Nate is about to start soccer, his favorite sport.  Elise – well, we aren’t really sure yet what her chosen sport will be.  Right now she seems to be gravitating towards modeling (she loves to look at herself in the mirror!)  haha.  But she also really enjoys swimming like her older sister.

(Disclaimer.  Elise is not taking modeling classes!)

And for the mom?  After my surgery, I had to take a month with absolutely no exercise of any kind, so that kind of threw a wrench in my plan to participate in a triathlon.  I have now been able to train for the last 2 weeks, so am slowly getting back into it.  My goal is to compete (and finish) the April 14 triathlon, which is the last one that our Seed of Hope team will be participating in.

Yesterday the kids and I went as spectators to watch the SOH boys and Carl compete in their 3rd triathlon.  It was inspiring, invigorating, and chilling!  As in scary!  I was petrified watching the hoards of people enter that dam to swim!  I have only recently learned how to swim properly and am a little intimidated by the idea of swimming in open water, but “iwannabeanathlete!”  So I am going to push through my fear and do it!

My stomach is churning even right now as I am thinking about it!

I have 4 weeks.  My training is getting turned up a notch!

The first thing I will put on every morning is my training attire, so hopefully it will inspire me to train before I can properly get dressed.  So if you see me at 5pm, and I am still in my running gear, you know that I have been procrastinating!! 😉

In whatever part of the world you are reading this from, I hope you are enjoying some physical activity!  From my lovely Canadian friends, who are busy shoveling their sidewalks or snow skiing down mountains, to my South African friends fighting through the waves in the Indian Ocean, or my British friends skipping in the rain, or anyone else who likes to move – enjoy!  Enjoy your physical health!  And cherish it!  Take care of it!  🙂

In the comments, tell me what active thing you did today….  impress me! 😉

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  1. Natalie Reply

    Great job, Waldrons! I’m training for a 10K run on June 1…have never run in my life. 🙂 It’s definitely a stretch goal, but I’m gonna do it! Today’s run is run 2 mins, walk 2 mins, repeat 6 times.

    • Michelle Reply

      Soooo proud of you Natalie! Do you have someone training with you? I am finding it hard to keep up with my training because I don’t have anyone to train with. So hope you have that partner!! Carl and I can’t train together as the children are still a bit too young to leave alone! 🙂 Enjoy your run today!!

      • Natalie Reply

        Thanks, Michelle! Yes, I’m training with a couple of co-workers, which has been great. They’re way ahead of me in terms of fitness, but they’re patient too, so it’s working out well. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the training. I’m surprised to say that I’m actually enjoying it.

  2. Laura Anne Reply

    I walked from our bus stop up the hill in a blizzard with snow blowing in my face! I’m so jealous of those mild Toti winters!!

  3. Shell Reply

    back to running 3 X a week. Luckily I have a couple girlfriends who want to do just 5k races throughout the summer and fall, or I don’t think I’d do it. Also back to my weight lifting now that I have the Dr.’s go ahead.

    • Michelle Reply

      Awesome that you are running. I am not running yet, but back so speed walking! Hoping to do a triathlon next year since it didn’t work out this year.

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