Little Men

Sometimes someone grabs your heart and doesn’t let go.  That is what these little men are that to me.

Everyone has a story.  Some are sadder than others.  Some push through the sadness and find joy in their situation.  These little men have an uncanny joy and exuberance for life despite challenges.

When my kids complain and say that something is “not fair.”  I agree with them.  Life isn’t fair.  These little men should not have to deal with the trauma that they have in their lives.  So yes, kids, life is not fair.  If it was, these boys would have complete families, enough money to feed those families, healthy bodies, good schools to attend, and homes that are warm and safe from the elements.

But for now, to see JOY in difficult circumstances…  inspires me! And makes me love these little men all the more!

One Response to Little Men
  1. Ruth Reply

    Praising God for all the “little men” and “little ladies” in our lives that remind us how blessed we are. : )

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