Me? Bored? – mylife#4

I would LOVE to be bored.  Or have the opportunity to say that I was bored!  The beautiful thing is – I don’t know how to be bored!  I have soooo many things that I want to do, that any free time, and I mean FREE time I get (not spare time like I wrote about here), I know exactly what to do!  

Normally my free time, when I do find it, is filled with digital scrapbooking, reading, watching movies, etc.  But this year, my free time spent on my Project 40.  Most of you have heard me talk about it.  I turned 40 last September and this year I have a list of 40 things I want to do that I have never done before.  So whenever I do find some un-filled time, I try to fill it with things from my 40 list.  It has been soooo much fun that I am sure I will continue a “normal” bucket list when I finish this one on September 9 this year.

Quite a few of you have asked for an updated list – as to what I have finished and what I am presently working on, etc.  So here goes.  I will divide my 40 Project into 3 lists.  First the things I have finished.  Second the ones I am in progress on.  And thirdly, the ones I have yet to start…


  1. Spend all day in bed
  2. Watch a Harry Potter movie
  3. Get a “fish” pedicure
  4. Shave my head or get a tattoo (opted for the tattoo – and yes, I did get one. It is small and hidden.)   :-) 
  5. Eat a bunny chow
  6. Do a zip line
  7. Go to Krueger National Park
  8. Ride a horse on the beach
  9. Smoke a cigar
  10. Make and write cards to 40 people who have helped shape who I am today
  11. Go 40 days with no sugar
  12. Jump off a cliff on the largest swing in the world
  13. Eat in a revolving restaurant
  14. Try 40 new recipes and document
  15. Go on a cruise – (don’t tell anyone, but it was a 2 hour harbor cruise with our SOH staff…  Have to count it or I won’t get this one done!!)  :-)  
In Progress
  1. Go to both Lesotho and Swaziland – been to Swaziland, but not Lesotho
  2. Read 40 books and keep track of them – have read 25 this year…  15 more to go before 9-9
  3. Write Carl 40 love letters – have only written him eleven.  better get on that
  4. Write down 365 things I am thankful for – one for every day of the year.  I am at #269.
  5. Memorize Psalm 40 – up to verse 4.
  6. Give compliments to 40 strangers and document – have only done 7
  7. Do 40 random acts of kindness and document – 14 done, 26 to go!
  8. Watch American Film Industries Top 10 romantic comedies – only 1 left to watch
  9. Immerse myself in the 40th book of the Bible – Matthew.  Doing this one all year.
  10. Private – almost done. :-)

Haven’t Started

  1. Learn to tie a bow tie
  2. Sleep on a trampoline all night  
  3. Go snow skiing in Africa 
  4. Sprint triathlon
  5. Swim with dolphins/Scuba dive
  6. Karaoke in front of strangers
  7. Hike to Teluga Falls – second highest waterfall in the world
  8. Go dancing in a club
  9. Host a formal dinner party – happening on September 8, 2013.  One day before my 41st birthday.  (and I will tie Carl’s bow tie on that day too.)  
  10. Make a tie die shirt
  11. Try lobster
  12. Send a message in a bottle (have decided I don’t really want to do this – so trying to think of a similar type of experience to replace it with.)
  13. Help someone else fulfill a bucket list goal
  14. Ride public transport in South Africa and live to tell about it.  
  15. Play real golf.
So there you have it.  You can see I have a LOT left to do on my list and only a little over 3 months to do it all!!  I am pretty sure there are going to be 2 or 3 that are going to have to be rolled over into my 41st year, but that is just fine.  Wouldn’t want to be bored at 41! :-)
Pictures below – cliff I jumped off of, revolving restaurant, beach horsehide, cruise, all day in bed….  I am trying to take pictures of each of the things I do in my 40 project and then I will put together a little scrapbook of my 40th year.  For me to look at when I am 80 and remember how young 40 really is!!


9 Responses to Me? Bored? – mylife#4
  1. Ruth Reply

    I am most intrigued by the “smoked a cigar”. LOL How was that experience for you? How come that got on your list? Just really curious!!!! ; ) You are so full of surprises.

    • Michelle Reply

      Hi Ruthie… so I have always thought pipes and cigars were “romantic” in all the old movies… You know me well, though, because I HATE tobacco!!! Can hardly handle the smell of it at all… but wanted to try to blow a smoke ring from a cigar like the movies! ;-) Luckily with cigars, you don’t inhale! You just pull the smoke into your mouth and then blow out! It was a silly thing… and I never was successful at blowing smoke rings!

  2. Rachel Reply

    What made you change your mind about the message in a bottle Mish? xx

    • Michelle Reply

      So funny that you ask, my dear friend. So I read a statistic after I had put that in… and the statistic said that there were thousands of littered bottles in the ocean from people sending “messages in bottles.” Hmmm…. that didn’t make me happy. I normally would NEVER throw a bottle into the sea or even onto land. I am a big anti-litter girl, so just decided that I can’t do it! So now looking for a way to send out a letter and see what happens. I might just post a letter to “anyone” with my return address and see if someone writes me back! :-)

  3. Diane watson Reply

    Enjoyed reviewing your lists. The staying in bed was probably easy, didn’t you have to stay off your foot when you hurt it? your letter idea in place of note in bottle. Love you, my niece! Loved the pictures.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Aunt Diane! I thought I would hate staying in bed all day, as i like to stay busy…. but I actually LOVED it! Craving another one! Thanks for your love and support of me. You are a very special lady!!

  4. Shell Reply

    So fun reading your list. You’re helping me get inspired with my 50 list. Maybe your ‘Help someone else fulfill a bucket list’ should be changed to ‘Helping someone else MAKE a bucket list’! I really love the idea of picture documenting it all….I will do that too!
    Know you’re always such an inspiration!
    Love you!

    • Michelle Reply

      I LOVED your 50 bucket list! I cannot wait to hear how some of those amazing things turn out as you check them off your list!

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