Meet Jabu

She often refers to herself as Granny/Gogo when she forgets something or when she says something the rest of us thinks is outlandish!   She just says, “its because I am a Gogo!  Forgive my Gogo brain.”   She loves to laugh, loves to love, and is passionate about her work at Seed of Hope.  

Some days feel overwhelming because we have so many hard cases, clients who have problems that seem insurmountable, children who are being abused, patients who have quit taking their HIV medications (ARVs), and a host of other issues that come up daily.  Our health team faces these crises with poise and stamina!  They do get tired and they do get stressed, but each one of them are devoted to their job and to this community.

And Jabu is such an integral part of this team.  She is the heart and soul of our health team.  You met Zama already in a previous post and I will soon introduce you to Buli, who is the newest member of our team, but today is all about Jabu.  She started as a volunteer in 2010 and quickly won our hearts!  She exudes love and acceptance.  She and Buli form our community healthworker team and they do visits daily into the community.  They visit any home that needs assistance or education in any health area.  HIV/Aids is our biggest enemy with most of our clients being HIV+, but we also have clients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, etc.

Jabu is a talker.  She does most of the talking on the home visits and keeps things light and happy with her laughter and jovial attitude.

Jabu is a toucher.  Not a client goes without a “Jabu hug” and once you have had a hug from Jabu, you feel loved!  It doesn’t matter your HIV status, your cleanliness, or your status; Jabu has the ability to make you feel loved and accepted – by her and by God!

Jabu is a joker.  Did I mention that she loves to laugh?  It is part of the way that she helps our clients open up about the stressors in their lives.  Laughter is an awesome medicine!

Jabu is a teacher.  She does not like to miss a teaching opportunity.  We have seen her grow in confidence in her teaching ability – in the home visits and also in the courses we run.  She used to say “I can’t teach.  I am not qualified.” We do not hear that from her anymore!  She knows she is qualified by the experience she has, the courses she has taken and by her passion!

Jabu is a mother.  She is devoted to her sons and wants the best for them.  She says she is still learning how to “mother” them well, but she loves them deeply and prays for them daily.

Jabu is a friend.  If you came to Seed of Hope to visit, I promise you would have a conversation with Jabu.  She calls the young visitors we have her “kids.”  She loves to watch out for them and make sure they are okay.   Jabu has personally taught me so much about life, love and generosity – not of a material kind, but a personal generosity.  A generosity of time, love, and friendship.  To be generous with your love!  That is our Jabu.  We are incredibly blessed to have her in our health team at Seed of Hope.  Bless you Jabu!  May God grant you the desires of your heart.

3 Responses to Meet Jabu
  1. Rachel Reply

    Jabu sounds like my kind of person! I love hugging!
    Can’t wait to meet her one day 🙂

    • Michelle Reply

      I can’t wait for you to meet her too! We surely do look forward to your return to SA one day! Have a fabulous day Rachel!!

  2. Ruth Reply

    She sounds like a wonderful woman!!! : ) I can almost feel her love and laughter through your blog.

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