milk and ice

I never quite understood why he needed to put ice in milk – milk that was already cold because it came straight from the refrigerator.  But my daddy loved his milk with ice in it.  For some reason that came up in conversation today.  I was telling my kids about how my dad loved ice in his milk.  

And then I was looking through pictures.  Missing him.  Wishing I could see his face – even if just over Skype.  Hear him say, “I love you” one more time.  My daddy.

And I found this picture.  It was taken last Christmas at my Aunt’s house.  I didn’t notice the cup in my dad’s hand, as I was focusing on the daddy/daughter moment, but Carl pointed it out to me.   A cup of ice with just the remnants of milk on them.  For some reason, that made me so happy.  To have such a seemingly insignificant memory of my dad captured in photos.  His milk with ice.

Holidays are perfect times for reminiscing.  Today was one of those days.  Remembering. Smiling. Crying.  Sadness is an important part of life.  And sometimes it is okay to be sad. Just like in the movie “Inside Out” (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!)

I think I might go have a cup of milk with ice in it and toast to my daddy.

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  1. Shauna Reply

    hi Michelle
    thinking of you on this Christmas Day. The firsts are the worst. (((hugs)))

    I too, love ICE IN MY MILK. It only took one spoonful, one time, of luke warm milk, and I was determined to never let that happen again. My Dad had brought us in after playing outside for hours, and he needed us to finish the cereal we had started earlier that morning. gag. There is nothing as refreshing as ice cold milk. Hope you gave it a shot, and toasted to your dad this Christmas. hugs and prayers, Shauna T.

    • Michelle Reply

      Okay, you are right on that Shauna. Warm milk is disgusting! ;-) Thanks for thinking of us. I know you understand this loss. Hugs and love back to you!

  2. Dawn Reply

    There are always those special things a person does, their likes, their little mannerisms that pop up when you least expect it and sometimes just in conversation. There are probably things you hear yourself say that sounds just like your dad. I know for me, there are times I laugh and I hear my dad’s laugh. He is still here with us but I know when he is no longer here and I hear is laugh in mine, it will be even more special. They are always with us in those little things. Enjoy your milk with ice, you may find you like it so much it becomes your preference and your kids will have that memory of you in a hundred years :-) .

    • Michelle Reply

      So glad you still have your dad around! And how fun, that you have his laugh! It will mean so much to you in year’s to come! God bless you and yours, Dawn!

  3. Ruth Reply

    Sweet! I’ll never drink a glass of milk again (with ice) and not think of you and remember your Dad. Courage my dear friend as you press on.

    • Michelle Reply

      Do you drink milk with ice? ;-) Thank you, sweet friend! Love and miss you!

  4. joyce Reply

    Your daddy’s love of ice in his milk is something I enjoy too. If I’m thirsty it quenches my thirst the colder it is. Our mother did this so we picked it up from her. She also would add a little milk to her ice cream and mix it up to make it slushy and I find myself doing it now. I love these little things we do that tie us together as a family. I thought of you all this Christmas and knew it would be sad. It’s good to have these memories and recall them even if it brings a tear.

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