Mom, I’m Bored – mylife#3

Does that sound familiar to you?  My mom always used to tell my brothers and I,

Only boring children can be bored.  Are you a boring child?

I have tried that one on my kids too, and it actually does work, but sometimes they need a little push to spark their creativity.  

So I copied another blog mom’s idea and made a “bored” jar.  I typed up 50+ activities that the kids could do, cut them out, folded them and put them inside the jar.  When the kids come to me with their “mom, I’m bored” spiel, I either use my mom’s tactic… or I point them in the direction of the jar.  The tricky thing about the jar is that it also has household chores in it.  So if they choose an item from the jar, it might be something incredibly fun like use mom’s make-up to write Daddy a note on the bathroom mirror….  OR it might be pick a toilet to clean and make it spic and span!  They know the rules.  If they pick out of the bored jar, then they are required to do that activity.  Sometimes they risk it… and pick out of the jar… sometimes they just get their creative little minds back in gear and figure out their own fun.  Whichever case it is, the jar has been a big hit in our house.

I am going to pick out 4 right now… and let you know what kind of stuff my kids are going to be up to next time they get “bored!”

I didn’t cheat. 🙂  These are the next 4 I picked out.

1.  Play dress up with Mom’s clothes.

2.  Make an obstacle course.

3.  Make a sock puppet out of one of Dad’s old socks.

4.  Take out the trash.

7 Responses to Mom, I’m Bored – mylife#3
  1. Catarina Reply

    Ahhhh Michelle LOVE the idea!! So glad it doesnt just happen in my house…The big IM Bored!!…Going to try the cookie jar,Thanks!! xxx

    • Michelle Reply

      Let me know what Hannah thinks of the cookie jar idea! 🙂

  2. Rachel Reply

    Love it! You are such a cool mum Mish! xx

  3. Laura Reply

    Love it! I gotta remember that when my kids are a bit older!

  4. Melody Babin Reply

    ha ha ha ha! You’re such a good mom!

  5. Jenn Reply

    Excellent idea Michelle! I love this.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Jen! It has been awhile now that we have been using the jar and it works soooo brilliantly!

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