A face that has graced Seed of Hope’s grounds from the beginning…Mondli. He is now in high school, facing the peer pressures of drugs, sex, crime, disrespect, etc… but daily he is at SOH by 2:45pm, so that he is on time for our 3pm After School Class. He is usually the first student there. Things could be so different for this young man with the influences that are in his life, but it is so rewarding and so exciting to see him making great decisions in his life and looking to our SOH staff and volunteers as his mentors and guides.

On Wednesdays I teach a health class to the SOH After School class (age 11-15). We cover everything from dental hygiene to sexually transmitted diseases. We had just finished a section on dental health, and my class had prepared a drama and a presentation for the younger Simunye class kids. Mondli was our presenter. We had prepared an outline of what he was going to cover, but I was so impressed by his ability to keep the attention of the younger kids and how he added his own humour and personality into his presentation. You could see the confidence and care that years of being in the SOH programs had built into this young man.

We have big hopes and high expectations for our SOH kids.

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  1. Gerry Provencal Reply

    Mondli, I am so proud to hear that you continue to blaze your own trail in spite of the sometimes overwhelming odds. I want you to know that I am praying for you to continue to grow to be the Leader God has chosen you to be. I look forward to seeing you in 2013 when we bring a new team from Center Street Church.

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