Never Been Kissed

Yup, I made it to 16 without ever being kissed.  Well, that is if you don’t count the kiss through the tent window screen when I was 10, or the kiss “dare” my 10th grade year in boarding school where Cory Fortner laid one on me.  At least I think he did.  I remember the dare. I remember the hype. I don’t remember the kiss.  Not sure what that means. 🙂  But needless to say, I was quite an innocent young thing.  Maybe it was the braces that kept the boys away!

My first kiss came when I was working at a summer camp the summer after my junior year.  I must have been 17, almost 18.  And the only other person I have ever kissed is my hubby!

Compare my story with the story of 90% of the young girls in the township we serve.  Most of them are having some sort of sexual encounter (and we are not talking about kissing here) by the time they are 14.  Sex is not seen as something to save, to protect, to have self-control over….  it is a past-time.  Children are not taught to guard themselves.  Why?

Lack of education.  Lack of parents.  Lots of orphans.  Lots of grannies raising kids.  Grannies who should have been done raising children years ago!  Aunties who have taken in more children than they have time or energy for.  Cell phones.  Porn on cell phones.  Sugar daddies (older men who prey on young girls.)  Unmonitored lifestyles.  Kids roam the streets daily without supervision.

Oh to protect the innocence of children.  To be 17 and never kissed.  What a novelty.

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  1. C Reply

    I agree with how upsetting it is to know that young teens are engaging in sexual activity and falling pregnant and that young ones as old as 10 are allowed to dress inappropriately… Hats off to you for keeping true and sensible. It’s something that gives someone like me confidence. I only had my first kiss at age 19… sadly it wasn’t as special as it should have been… I’m 24 and still a virgin too…. if I can keep waiting, surely they can too?

    • Michelle Reply

      Proud of you for waiting and protecting yourself emotionally and physically for your future husband. You won’t regret it!! Bless you!

  2. Grandma Reply

    So proud of you daughter!
    So much need to help ALL our young people understand the need for protecting themselves for their spouses. Life would sure be better for all.

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