On the Day I Almost Died

I turned 44 today.  And I am not sure I have ever celebrated a birthday where I am so happy to be alive!  I almost died on Tuesday.  Literally.  Dead.  2mm. 1 sec.  That was the difference between me and the hereafter!  

On Tuesdays I have started “running” with some good friends of mine.  Sharon and Nicole are both more fit than I, so I chase them for about 4km while our daughters dance ballet.

Our town is not known for its sidewalks – in fact, it is rare to find one…. so we sometimes have to be a bit creative to find safe places to run. We also tend to run on busy roads, as that helps prevent the problems of being mugged, etc.  But as we found out on Tuesday, there are other safety concerns in play.

I have been known to hold back when crossing the roads.  My years of living in North America has instilled in me the value of crosswalks/zebra crossings.  So it just feels a bit wrong to cross “wherever.”  But that is the way roads are crossed here.  Wherever.  When there is space between cars.  Even on the highway!  Well, we weren’t on the highway, but we about to join a relatively busy city street.  We needed to cross to the other side, as there was actually a sidewalk on that side.

I jokingly told Sharon that I would hold on to her arm so as to know when to cross.  We were all laughing at the difference between South Africans and safety conscious Canadians…

We decided to go after the white car coming from the right.  The lane closest to us.  There was nothing coming from the left when Sharon looked.  She and I got halfway across the road when I heard Sharon, from in front of me, gasp or yell.  Can’t quite remember which and I looked to my left, just in time to see a little blue hatchback speeding into me.  Literally.  I honestly can’t even tell you how I got out of the way.  That car must have been driving 120km/hour.  On a curvy, busy city street.

None of us could speak for the first few seconds.

Sharon kept apologising. Feeling it was her fault.  Which it absolutely wasn’t!  That car was probably going almost double the speed limit.

I could barely breathe.

I felt like crying, laughing, screaming, and vomiting.  All at once! 

We walked on for a bit – in relative silence.  Then heard some grunting and expletives coming from behind us.  I looked around and there was a small, older Zulu man, who had evidently witnessed our near collision.  He was shaking his head, wringing his hands, and uttering all sorts of groans, grunts and other incomprehensible sounds.  Evidently he too, could not believe what he had just witnessed.

(The car didn’t even slow down or swerve.  It was like he hadn’t seen me at all.)

Nicole, who was behind me, said it looked like the car had driven right through me.  It was that close.

Or it was a miracle.

I do believe God intervened for me on Tuesday.  I really could have died that day.  But I didn’t.

I am pretty grateful.  Feel like I still have a lot of living to do.  I want to be around to finish raising my kids.  I can’t wait to see what God has next for us in Canada.  And then where we go next after that! ;-)  I would love to grow old with my husband. And I have all sorts of adventures with God that I still want to go on!

Not sure how many years I will get on this earth, but glad I have today!


14 Responses to On the Day I Almost Died
  1. Luana Reply

    Wow! So very thankful you weren’t hit! We also want you around for lots more years!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks mom! We are so looking forward to being neighbours again!!

  2. Shauna T. Reply

    Oh my word Michelle, that is so terrifying. Thank you God, for keeping Michelle safe. Happiest of birthday’s my friend, and many many many more.
    God is Good Always.


    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Shauna! Hugs back to you!

  3. Melody Babin Reply

    Thank you Jesus!!!

    • Michelle Reply

      I agree! Thanks Melody!

  4. Paloma Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! What an amazing gift you received from God today. You only have 6 months left. Maybe you should hang up your runners till you have sidewalks and crosswalks.

    • Michelle Reply

      I just can’t hang up my runners! But do think I will be a LOT more cautious on my running excursions!

  5. Ruth Reply

    What a gift Jesus bestowed on you my friend. A miracle. So thankful that He spared you. I would have a big hole in my heart if you had died. No mind your family…… Have mercy! You are loved. Believing that Jesus needs you, and has some amazing plans and things for you to do.
    Love and Happy Birthday!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thank you my sweet friend! Hope some of those things He has planned for me include you too!! ;-)

  6. Trish Reply

    Wow…unreal. ..total heart stopping moment. Soooo thankful, not even a scratch, unbelievable!! I had a similar feeling not too long ago hitting a deer as it was flying through the air about to hit the middle of my little car’s windshield (deer was hit by the car in front of me). Quick reflexes took over and i braked just in time, (I guess) to hit it with the front of the car as it came down. I experienced the same reaction! I was convinced for those split seconds it was coming through the windshield. Those are very good reminders of how fragile life is, how our lives are literally in the hands of God in those precarious split second moments. You articulated it well. I am so so grateful you are celebrating your 44th birthday!! Even tho you may not want to be into your 40’s, i know you’ll be thankful for each and every climbing number!!! I am! Love you tons sista !!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks my dear friend! I truly am thankful for each year I am passing! Helps to accept all these wrinkles, etc, when I remember how grateful I am to “get to grow old.” :-)

  7. Mom Reply

    So glad I still have my daughter! God has more for you my dear. Yes, we all have much we always need to be thankful for. So glad you were able to celebrate your 44th birthday!! Love you dearly.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks momma!! Love you dearly too!

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