on to the kitchen – my life#10

Welcome back to my home!  Well, at least in a virtual sense.  I would so love to host any of you who would like to visit!  And perhaps this little tour through my life will entice a few of you to come our direction! :-)  

Kitchens are often the meeting point in a house.  Life revolves around food, right?  And food resides in the kitchen, so why should the kitchen not be the centre of the house!  I love open plan homes where one can be in the kitchen, but still be involved in whatever is happening socially in the living/dining room.

We don’t have an open plan kitchen in this house, but we definitely do not complain!  Our little kitchen is absolutely stunning and very easy to work in.  Within one or two steps, I can maneuver from sink, to stove, to refrigerator, to pantry, etc.  I have actually gotten VERY used to a small kitchen and love the ease of getting around in it.  It does get a bit complicated when we have company, as you can really only comfortably fit 2-3 people in the kitchen at one time.  That doesn’t stop us though!  We have had as many as 8 laughing, rowdy, happy adults rolling around in that little kitchen!  Makes for fun memories!

One half of my kitchen… with my favorite appliance in the corner! My crockpot!!

The other half of my kitchen.

The whole family sometimes crowds into the kitchen for pizza making night! Loads of fun!

Daddy and Elise trying to catch that pizza!!


And the Waldron Master Chef at work! Chimichangas this time! All homemade – homemade tortillas, homemade salsa, etc! Yummy!!!!

10 Responses to on to the kitchen – my life#10
  1. Diane watson Reply

    Loved it as usual, thank you for letting us see a little corner of your life!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks for reading and commenting! It is fun to see who reads and what they think. :-) Love to you and yours my dear aunt!

  2. Lee Patterson Reply

    I love reading about your life on the other side, and when you have your little adventures, Thanks for sharing

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Lee! Thanks for reading and commenting! ;-)

  3. Ruth Reply

    Now if you could just post your favorite meals….i might glean some ideas. Love your little kitchen. It looks so sparkly clean! Love the pizza being tossed and the master chef is looking great.

    • Michelle Reply

      I haven’t waded into the recipe posting on my blog yet… :-) But I might someday! I think it would be FAR better to share our recipes with each other in person! How I LONG for a visit with you in person, dear Ruth!!

  4. Laura Hit Reply

    So so fun seeing your life there! This series is NOT getting old…I love it!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Laura!!

  5. Grandma Reply

    Would love to be there again. I miss all the fun I had the last time! (?). This time I want the grand tour of everything including the parks, the animals, the school, and etc.
    You are such a great cook!

    • Michelle Reply

      Committed to having you come again! Last time was a work trip for you! The next time needs to have some vacation time in there so we can take you to the sights!! Love you momma!!

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