Pace-ing Myself

You might find it absurd that my first post after a 5 month hiatus would be about salsa. But anyone who spends much time withe me knows my addiction to a good salsa, and how salsa-deprived I feel in South Africa. So yes, we are home in North America… have been for 4 months. We have been with my amazing family in the states, had a fantastic family reunion in the Colorado Rockies, experienced Barbados through the eyes of my children (spectacular), have had a host of fantastic suppers/breakfasts/brunches/lunches with a host of amazing friends, went to my 20th high school reunion in the states and hung out with all my “old” cronies, preaching, speaking, sharing, laughing, playing, and a whole heck of a lot of other amazing things have been going on in these last 4 months on North American soil!!

Yet. Salsa. Salsa is on my mind. Salsa is what gets the high status of recovery blogger returns to blogging world! :-)

I have to admit my addiction. I hope you don’t hold it against me!! I LOVE salsa. You can find it in South Africa, but most of the local brands are too sweet for me, and the imported one costs twice the amount of the one in my hand and is 1/4 the size… Needless to say, we don’t eat that one much.

And so, I give you Pace! My healthy addiction! I honestly am eating bowls of it. I only have two more months until we go back, so definitely Pace-ing myself – like MARATHON pacing!! Eat as much as I can!!

Me and my salsa can be found at this blog site on a more regular basis from here on out! Hope to see you back! Have missed you all!

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