Born into Weeds

Some days just stand out in your mind more than others.

Today was one of those days.

Most of my days I am with my children, homeschooling, guiding, scolding, loving, playing….  I love every part of raising my children and take that job very seriously, but my part-time work at Seed of Hope fuels my fire for people, for God and for making a difference.  It also enables me to be a better mom, because it gives me an outlet from being with my kids 24/7, and helps me handle the insanity of educating one’s own children. 🙂    Read More…

sad. little. girl.

Not much to smile about.

Her mom is alive, but doesn’t want her.

Her dad comes and gets her every now and then.  But it lasts about a weekend and then he drops her back to her Gogo (grandmother) because he can’t handle her. Read More…

Youth Speaker

Last weekend, Mish and I were guest speakers at our church’s youth camp. It’s been a long time since I spoke to a group of teens, but what felt even more unusual was to talk about something other than our work at Seed of Hope, which has been my most frequent speaking topic for the last few years!

Read More…


Beauty came with me on a women’s retreat with my church recently. The weekend was made richer by having Beauty there. One of the ladies likened Beauty to the woman who had to push through the crowd to get to Jesus. Beauty has had to push through hardships beyond most of our comprehension, and to this point she has not received the physical healing we have been praying for. But we are not giving up asking for healing for Beauty, so that she can raise her young boys and be a wife to her husband and a friend to all of us. Read More…

The Proposal

Here it is!  The romantic, heart-warming, charming, engaging (pun intended 🙂  story of how Carl asked me to be his wife.  Go get a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever the drink of the day is, and sit back for a sweet love story!   Someday you will be reading it in hardcover – with my husband as the author!  Bestseller for sure!!
Carl and I met in 1994 when we went through a mission training school.  I then proceeded to go overseas for 3 years!  He was in Cambodia for a year and then went back to Canada to finish university.  The entire time I was in the Philippines, Carl wrote me letters, recorded tapes of himself speaking to me (yes, we are that old!), and prayed for me.
When I returned from the Philippines, I had one year of university left in Tennessee.  Carl was still in Canada going to university too.  But at least we were on the same continent now!  We “officially” started dating and could now include telephone and e-mail in our courtship!! Read More…

Hard Sometimes

I am blessed to be able to call Africa home. I don’t know for how long, but for the time God has me there, I count it a blessing.

It is hard to live here when my heart is somewhere else.
May our hearts beat for them. For the hurting.  For the lost.
I am not complaining. And not pointing fingers. Really trying not to judge. Life in North America makes one complacent.  We see all the catastrophes on TV. Starving children. Hurricanes. Famines. AIDS. Death. But it all seems distant. Removed.These are our neighbours. Our world. Our responsibility. Even if they live across an ocean.

Pace-ing Myself

You might find it absurd that my first post after a 5 month hiatus would be about salsa. But anyone who spends much time withe me knows my addiction to a good salsa, and how salsa-deprived I feel in South Africa. So yes, we are home in North America… have been for 4 months. We have been with my amazing family in the states, had a fantastic family reunion in the Colorado Rockies, experienced Barbados through the eyes of my children (spectacular), have had a host of fantastic suppers/breakfasts/brunches/lunches with a host of amazing friends, went to my 20th high school reunion in the states and hung out with all my “old” cronies, preaching, speaking, sharing, laughing, playing, and a whole heck of a lot of other amazing things have been going on in these last 4 months on North American soil!! Read More…


This was the last time Nate would happily step foot anywhere near the ocean – for a LONG time. Approximately 10 days after the above picture, Nate was with some good friends of ours at a local beach. Both Carl and I were busy with getting our house set up, and some generous friends offered to babysit the kids for us.

During that time at the beach, Nate was playing in a river inlet. He happened to find a deep spot while his caretakers had their eyes on something else. He went down and did not come back up. God had his hand on Nate though, because one of the teenagers watched it happen from where he was down the beach, and sprinted back to Nate – and pulled him out of the water. Nate had not been under too long, and had not taken in a lot of water. He was terrified though and kept saying, “I’m cold, I’m cold.” But other than that, was okay. Read More…

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