Perfect Birthday

Some might call it underwhelming, but I called it “perfect!”  I turned 43 on Wednesday this week…  I live in a country where birthdays are greatly celebrated!  Much more emphasis put on them that what I am used to.  But this year, I only wanted one thing.  

Nothing.  Yup.  You read that right.  I wanted nothing.  To do nothing!  Except stay at home in my cozy bed and read.  With no noise, no distractions, no kids, not even my hubby was home.  Poor guy.  He had tried to plan a nice outing for me to go to a mall, go shopping and maybe out for lunch with him, and I rudely turned him down.  (in a nice way, of course.)  I had my heart set on “nothing.”

Sometimes we just need one of those “nothing” days.  And honestly, it was exactly what my soul was craving!

I didn’t get out of bed until 1:41pm!  And I had to pick up my kids at 2pm. Cutting it a bit close, but I really struggled to leave my “nothing” day!

Our weekends lately have been so full of activity – kids sporting events, Marae’s swimming galas, church events, etc, that we haven’t had a day to just rest in a LONG time!  So my birthday came at just the right time!!!

I spent the afternoon watching my two older children run in the inter-school cross country run and then came home to more relaxing as my hubby volunteered to make us supper.  And the menu was Spicy Vegan Potato Curry.  And it was seriously DELICIOUS!  And no, we aren’t vegan, but wow, that curry is definitely going on our “menu rotation!”

Some sweet friends dropped in with a  few little gifts and my kids gave me some sweet birthday love and homemade cards.  And I got over 200 birthday greetings on FB!  What an encouragement it is to receive so much love from family and friends through FB.

I didn’t get any presents from my hubby.  My husband knows me.  He knows that I don’t like him to spend money unnecessarily. And right now, there is nothing I need, hence I don’t need a birthday present.  :-)  I know that will appall some of you, but it works for me! ;-)

However, I do have a shopping trip planned with a girlfriend for later in the month, so might end up with a belated birthday present for myself then!

Right now I feel fine about being 43.  Getting older does feel weird though.  The other day my 8 year old daughter Elise says to me, “Mom, I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 7.”  And honestly, that sentiment fits me too.  I don’t really feel any different than I did when I was 25 – just wiser!  I remember Carl’s Nana (who died at 94, I think) saying that inside of her, she felt like the same person she was when she was 20, but her body was worn out.  Aging is such an interesting (and sometimes painful) phenomenon.

Hoping to age gracefully! :-)  And enjoy every day, as we don’t know how many we get on this earth.  Grateful for today!!  #enjoytoday


2 Responses to Perfect Birthday
  1. Ruth Reply

    I missed your birthday!!!! How did I do that, dear friend? Still hoping I can celebrate in Greece with you! Where we can spend time doing NOTHING but catching up on 10ish years?! ; ). And I have to agree that sometimes the best gift for us dear mommies is a day alone in our own homes!!!

    • Michelle Reply

      Carl is worried about what is happening in Greece, so we haven’t registered or bought my ticket yet, but still planning on going. When do you think you will know if you can come or not? And don’t worry about missing my birthday! :-)

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