Refrigerator Love – my life#5

I have heard that you can tell a lot about a person from looking at what is on their refrigerator door.  You can probably tell a lot about a person from looking inside their refrigerator, too, but that is another story, another blog.  :-)  What stories does my fridge tell on me?

First of all, you can tell that I am not a “neat freak.”  Quite the mess!

You can also tell that my hubby is quite an artist.  That he loves me and that he loves to give me flowers. He knows the kind I appreciate the most are free ones!  Hence he draws them for me, or picks them from neighbors gardens! :-)

Humor me.  Tell me what my fridge door tells you about me…  and then tell me what tales your fridge might tell on you!

2 Responses to Refrigerator Love – my life#5
  1. Grandma Reply

    You are a great Mom, so many things show what the chldren are doing. You just don’t have a big enough fridge.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Momma… there are some days when that refrigerator gets so covered, I can’t find the handle to open it!! ;-)

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