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Do any of you get much spare time?  Free time?  I know if there are other moms reading my blog, most likely, those two words are not frequently used in their vocabulary.  Unless it is in the longing for…   Most of my “spare time” is filled with activities for/with my beautiful children.  

I know most of the moms who are reading this will relate.   Life is busy.  I prefer busy.  And I love all the fun things that go along with raising my sweet kids.  But my spare time definitely gets filled up by them!  So I think that means it really isn’t spare! 🙂  Next post I will share what I do in my “real” spare time… but for now, these are some of the things that keep me busy outside of work.  And yes, I think they are ALL about my dear, lovely, precious, time-consuming children! Love those kids!

Swimming galas/meets, soccer, rugby, cricket, birthday parties, baking for birthday parties, school projects (like making skeletons out of recycling), helping with homework, choir concerts, organizing play dates and hosting play dates, and so much more!  That is where my “spare” time goes!  And I absolutely cherish every moment of it!!!!

PS.  In the top photo, Marae is 4th from the left in the top row.

4 Responses to Spare Time – mylife#2
  1. Shell Reply

    Such great shots of the kids……and what’s “spare time”?!

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks Shell! So nice to have you on my blog again! And no kidding about the spare time?!?!?! 🙂

  2. Grandma Reply

    Marae is like her Mom,always in the last row. Way to go Marae!

  3. Grandma Reply

    Elise, love that smile and your cake is awesome! Marae you sure do look ready to take on all those swimmers, an you sure did! Congratulations! Nate, what a good player you are. I loved seeing you in your uniform. I like the way you are sitting either listening or maybe thinking of the great plays you can make?

    Love you all,

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