Walkie Talkies

What’s for lunch today?  Sandwiches, leftovers, meat pie?  Ummm….   nope, none of the above…One of my dear, amazing, lovely colleagues had this for lunch.

Look what is for lunch! :-)

Look what is for lunch! :-)

Yes, that is a chicken’s foot at the top of this yummy curry.  And no, I wasn’t brave enough to try it.

A local delicacy is called “walkie talkies.”  Chicken feet and beaks.  They say it is delicious.  I am not convinced.


4 Responses to Walkie Talkies
  1. Paloma Reply

    Gross! Even on the farm we didn’t eat that. That’s way to crunchy for me too and I eat some pretty weird things.

    • Michelle Reply

      Haha! So funny! I will let you know if I ever try it! :-)

  2. Shauna Reply

    makes my mouth water, and not in a good way.

    Shauna T.

    • Michelle Reply

      I know… you can even see the toenails on the end of those feet…. crazy! ;-)

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