We Won this One

Last August our health team at Seed of Hope was called to visit this home. The young mom had given birth only a month before and had never recovered from the birth. We arrived in the home to find her in a horrible state. Upon investigation, we found out she was HIV+ (with a CD4 count of 84 – which is very low) and also suffering from a drug-resistant TB.

The birth of her little boy had taken any strength she had left, leaving her bedridden, wearing adult nappies, with her face to the wall. Unwilling to muster up the hope that she could fight this and win, unable to see beyond her circumstances. During one of our conversations, she stated that her mother was going to have to raise her children, because she was not going to be around to do it. She was not very receptive to us that first visit, but we persisted, and were able to get her help.

She was admitted into a TB hospital and was an inpatient for almost 6 months. We went to visit her the other day… and this is who we found!


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