What’s up doc?

I turned 40 last September, and have really been enjoying this 40th year of life.  Many of you may be following my Project 40 on FB – 40 bucket list goals to get done this year! It has truly made turning 40 more fun than fuss.  BUT my body seems to somehow realize that I have reached the summit of the hill and am on the descent as things are truly falling apart on this vintage piece of work!

It started with me wrenching my neck a bit when I flung myself off a cliff on my actual 40th birthday.  Then my appendix decided it wanted to go the way of the incinerator.  The doctor saw me again when my bladder decided to become inflamed and argued with me about doing its job properly.  And last weekend it was my ankle – which decided to twist and shout on a beautiful, relatively simple morning hike through a breathtaking gorge!

I reminisced about my 3 years of hiking in the Philippine jungle, my years of basketball playing, my chasing after my 3 gorgeous children… and how I have NEVER twisted, sprained, or hurt my ankle in any way!  Until NOW!  And yes, I am blaming it on the number 40!  😉

I am hoping the doctor won’t have to see any more of me this year!  Hats off to the 40s!

4 Responses to What’s up doc?
  1. Ruth Reply

    You may be falling apart, but you are still beautiful both inside and out. : ) Glad it has been nothing major.

    • Michelle Reply

      Thanks for your sweet encouragement Ruth! At least malaria hasn’t been in my list of ailments this year! Counting my blessings!!

  2. Shell Reply

    Oh girl, just wait until you’re 50! Lovely thing is both of us are doing great at our age and enjoying life! I just love your 40 bucket list.

    • Michelle Reply

      I am going to do a blog post about my 40 List, so watch this space! 😉

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