“Who’s Looking After the Kids?”

November wasn’t a typical month in the life of the Waldron household.  With a 3-week trip booked for HopeShares (Seed of Hope’s Canadian partner), I we preparing final details in late October when we learned that Michelle’s dad, Ray, would need heart surgery.  A handful of complex health concerns meant that although the surgery would not be major, the situation was worrisome.  Mish and I spent a few days talking through the options, and eventually I said “I think you need to go – for your sake and your parents’.”

It was late on a Sunday evening when we made the decision, and with a sense of relief, Mish went to bed and I got online to find the best flight deal I could on short notice.  Both of us taking major trips at the same time meant some big challenges.  First among those was the issue of leaving our children here in South Africa while the two of us were an ocean away.  Our dear friends Clare and Jade agreed to stay with the kids, an incredible blessing!  Then I was able to get an earlier return, shortening my trip by almost a week, so that there were only 5 days when our kids were without one of us.

A few friends and family raised an eyebrow when they learned of the arrangement.  Most people’s responses ranged from “aren’t you nervous about them?” to “I bet they’re having a blast without you!”  In the end, we’re so glad we were able to do this.  The kids had a wonderful time and learned that there are many caring and devoted friends who would be willing to help them.  Michelle enjoyed reunions with two of her brothers and their kids as well as a wonderful American Thanksgiving with her parents.  Her dad, Ray, is recovering from the surgery, and we’re praying for his improved health.

My trip was also great.  Not only did I get to stay with my parents and see family, but I spoke at several churches and HopeShares events, and had the chance to catch up with lots of dear friends and former volunteers to South Africa.  We hit our November fundraising target, and the trip put us on the way to our major goal of starting 2013 with funds in place for the new staffing and program needs at Seed of Hope. The coming year holds real promise, and we couldn’t achieve so much without our faithful donor support.

Thanks to all who prayed and gave so generously during this season!

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